sketches n' such (part 1)

hello everyone. i know today's post is a little later in the day than usual. the reason why is because i thought today was tuesday instead of wednesday... whooops! anyways, it's been quite a while since my last art post. august in fact :/ . so, i thought it was high time for another one. … Continue reading sketches n' such (part 1)

2020 goals & rambles

​hewwo, friends. i hope the first week of this brand new decade has been good for you all. it's been weird for me… in a good way though. anyways, on new years day my family & i watched a movie & stayed up to watch the clock strike twelve, then i made myself strawberry tea … Continue reading 2020 goals & rambles

5 Easy & Quick Christmas Card Ideas + Collab with Diamond

Heyo folks. How are you all doing? So, apparently it's already December. I don't exactly know how time flew by SO fast this year. I'm totally not prepared for Christmas... and if you're like me, I'm always rushing around last minute, trying to make everyone's Christmas cards. Well, never fear, today I have 5 realllly … Continue reading 5 Easy & Quick Christmas Card Ideas + Collab with Diamond