{before you walk away}

Mixed up colours dripping from the brush.If only you could see the beauty,The world you've created is so lush,But you won't admit or say. What can I do to make you stay? I hear everything you're trying to sayIs that enough for you?Please, look back before you walk awayI see everything in the future, just … Continue reading {before you walk away}


Story-telling Collab With Jewel @Treasured Script {q&a}

Hey friends! 👋 Surprise! This week you're getting two posts. This post is a very special one, because it's my first collab AND it's with the lovely Jewel from Treasured Script! Let me assure you, Jewel is one amazing blogger and you should totally go follow her if you don't already. I was so, SO … Continue reading Story-telling Collab With Jewel @Treasured Script {q&a}