Taking a Break

So, I'm just going to get straight to the point here. As if you can't already tell from the title, I'm going on hiatus. From blogging. I know this is totally out of the blue, but I've needed a break for awhile now, for several reasons which would take forever to explain. So, I'm not … Continue reading Taking a Break

Summertime Playlist Collab with Bernie @random teen blog.

Recently enough, my friend's sister set up her brand new lifestyle blog and I thought it would be super neat to work on a collab with her. Bernie is a really fun and cool person to know and chat to, and I think her blog reflects that well. Her blog's title pretty much sums up … Continue reading Summertime Playlist Collab with Bernie @random teen blog.


Hello! Lately, I've grown a little slack on my blogging schedule, I guess, and I thought it was about time it should be addressed. I did have a schedule, but, I, eh, forgot about it. Not only that, but I completely forgot about the focus of my blog. It's kind of embarrassing to say actually. … Continue reading Changes?