First Post: Welcome to Paraphernalia!

Hiya, folks!

I am ecstatic to be welcoming you all to this brand new blog, Paraphernalia! I’m so happy that you could come and visit! Please look around and get comfortable. I’m Sarah, the Christian teen girl behind the blog.

Thank you!

Firstly, before we begin, I want to thank a few people (because ‘thank yous’ are important and so are the people). Thank you so much to Megan, Jewel and Gracie who either allowed me to spam them with questions over how to set this whole thing up, or gave me super helpful advice that I’ll definitely hold unto. Thanks again, girls! Xx

So, what is Paraphernalia all about?

Well, Paraphernalia basically means miscellaneous. This is a little bit of a randomish blog, but no worries, I don’t intend to blog about everything under the sun. The main subjects of this blog will hopefully be writing and art. But I’m not pinning myself down to blogging just about those subjects either. I want this blog to all come down to ‘creative living.’

What to expect

I would like to address the posting schedule. As life can get verrry busy sometimes, I don’t intend to be blogging everyday – there’s no way I could do that and keep up with everything else that needs done in my life. Expect a post maybe once every one/two weeks.

What type of posts are we talking about here?

As I said earlier, I aim for writing/artsy related posts. So, look out for art dumps, poetry, maybe some photography, short stories and perhaps me ranting XD.

Who is the writer behind Paraphernalia?

As I mentioned earlier, I’m Sarah, the teenage, crazy dreamer behind all of this. I have a love for music, art, stories, the colour red, hats, sunsets and the ocean. You can learn more about me here. I thought I would share a few fun facts about me, just so you can know me better. 🙂

  • I’m an INFP
  • I prefer Pepsi to Coke (but Fanta Orange is better than both)
  • I prefer Dogs to Cats
  • I prefer Marvel to DC (but then, Batman is a really good character)
  • My favourite song is Kitchen Sink – Twenty One Pilots

And I think that concludes my first post. Again, I’m just SO happy that you could come around! Look about, check out my about page and just get comfortable. You can also follow me on social media if you wish; the links are on the sidebar.

Thanks again to everyone who encouraged me in this, I really appreciate it! I am beyond excited and I hope you are too! It would mean a lot if you could leave a like and follow me and maybe even spread the word to friends who may be interested. Everyone’s welcome! ❤

Have a great day! x

Now I’m handing it over to you! Get active in the comments and introduce yourself, tell me 5 fun facts about you! I’m super duper excited to hear from you!

21 thoughts on “First Post: Welcome to Paraphernalia!

  1. Hey Srah! Welcome to the blogsphere! 😀 Looking forward to your content (AND ALSO YOU LIKE NF TOO AHHH) I think you know me alreadyish XD, but I’m Jo, I like stories of all kinds, I’m a fannerd, bookdragon, Bible Bee-er, and just plain weird. 😛 So hi again!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. i frickin love you already. my name’s tess and here are the required facts:
    – i love to roller skate
    – i can’t get enough of orange x blue
    – i want to do the urban stealth camping thing when i move out
    – i know a fat bit of hebrew
    – my room’s a mess rn and i’m not even upset.
    like i cANNOT WAIT to see where this blog goes tho. ❤ keep it up!!!


  3. saw a comment by you on another blog and noticed the ||-// at the end … salutations fellow bandito! i’m an INFP too … and a clikkie … we must have a lot in common! 😉 your art is SO cool … what is your favorite medium?
    ~ I’m an artist too … i love making clique art … but i’ve never draw tyler and josh. Your portraits are AMAZING … i’m so impressed with how real they look!
    ~ i love writing
    ~ especially christian interpretations of TOP songs
    ~ i get excited every time i find a clikkie blogger ❤
    ~ i love vinyl
    can't wait to read more from you! stay street, stay alive
    power to the local dreamer ||-//

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    • Hiya! oh, cool! in that case, welcome to Paraphernalia *does TOP handshake* hmm, by the looks of it we do. thank you so much … hmm, doesn’t medium mean the art style? (oh dear, I’m so bad when it comes to art terms) if it does, then I’d say grayscale sketch, I feel I’m better at realism in that style.
      ~ Oooh, sweet! I love making clique art too … I do draw the dudes, but tyler mainly, josh is so hard to draw (especially his jaw for some reason). Thank you SO much!
      ~ yup, same here again.
      ~ oooh, those are really cool. I’ve never written any, but I love finding christin interpretatations in the songs.
      ~ really?! me too XD ❤
      ~ same here. I totally love them.
      Thanks for commenting, fellow clikkie. We are SOO similar (are we, like, twinz or something XD) I loved getting to know a bit about you and I'll def check your blog out! Same to you, friend ||-//

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