BEAUTIFUL MESS // analysis

Hey guys! 👋 How are you all doing? Welcome back to my corner of the internet (never mind the fact that the internet doesn’t have corners).

Anyways, in my last post I mentioned about doing an analysis on my poem ‘Beautiful Mess’. Well, I’m finally back with that today!

Before we begin, you may want to read the poem again, here.

So, I put a story into the concept art and the poem that coincide with each other. A while back, I sent the art to my friend, Gracie, and asked her what her thoughts were on it. Guys, she naillllled the exact meaning! She actually made a better explanation on it than I could ever make. XD Here it is:

‘It makes me think of the world being consumed in darkness, but people still being so full of hope and joy and rising above it.’

And that’s the positive picture I wanted to make! I’m still thrilled that you understood the exact meaning, Gracie. Now, onto the poem. I’ll take you through it slowly, a few lines at a time.

Freefalling into a void.

Ok, so this is the concept that I wanted to continue through the whole poem. Freefalling. I think a lot of the time, life is really unpredictable and sometimes we’re kinda unprepared for it. We don’t have control over where we’re heading in life, that’s why I brought freefalling into it. We don’t have control over the fall. So yeah, we’re falling through life.

We came together for a reason,

A reason that I can’t avoid.

This is really a reference to my friends and family. The people I love always came into my life at the right times. I’m forever thankful to be blessed with such wonderful people in my life.

I turn and see your face,

It feels like seeing my reflection,

While we’re floating through time and space.

Life isn’t centred around any one individual in life. There’s no main character on earth!  Every single person on this planet is important and living out their own life. That’s why I didn’t want to write about just one character. I also tried to make my poem descriptive here and try not to focus on just the way I’m feeling.

Every memory flies past,

Shooting by like a star in the sky.

A moment is too quick to last.

We can’t forever live in the past. Life is too fast. But we can still enjoy it as it comes. It’s really crazy how fast life has become to me. As I’ve got older, time seems to just keep speeding up.

This fall can’t ever hurt us,

It never could and it never will,

It will always remain harmless.

Life always has ups and downs, rises and falls. But looking back over all the struggles I’ve had almost makes me feel grateful. I made it through the struggles and they didn’t ruin me, they pretty much made me who I am today. Sure, they were tough and I changed a lot while going through them, but I think that Jesus used them as part of my sanctification process (of course, I still don’t know/understand a lot and I’ve got a lot to learn). So, your struggles, whatever they are, I don’t believe all of them are here to harm you and damage who you are – I believe that they test you and mould you into a more mature human.

Beneath your mask I saw light,

Though this world will try to put it out,

Promise you’ll keep it burning bright.

This is me using metaphors. So the light is pretty much your beliefs, your character and just you as a human. I get the feeling that so many people’s personalities are ruined because of today’s society. A lot of young people get the feeling they’re not ‘cool’ enough, their beliefs aren’t really popular enough, they’ve got to listen to what music other kids their age are listening to or wear the most trendy fashion right now. Simply put, a lot of people feel they have to fit into a stereotype or maybe they suffer from peer pressure. It can be difficult to swim against the tide but I think it’s really important for people to think for themselves. I think that ‘gotta fit in’ phase plays a part in most people’s lives at some stage, so I decided to address it.

And when those bullets start falling

Don’t ever look back, just shut your eyes,

Come on then, let them start shooting,

And I see them all raining,

But they’ll only graze us, never pierce us,

They’ll pass us by, so keep firing.

More metaphors. In this part, I’m focusing on the hardships of life – the dark sides, the struggles and so on. But they’ll only graze us, never pierce us. You can get over the struggles, I know it’s possible.

I take in all the beauty,

Of all the time that’s shooting past,

It’s so pretty yet it’s blurry.

We’re one mess but it’s beautiful,

We’re all falling at such a fast speed,

Together we’re all colourful,

And all the colours are bright,

So many falling, like an army,

With each other we all ignite.

Slowly, we meet more people during the fall, people enjoying life and overcoming the darkness: falling, like an army.

And though we are still diving,

Diving headlong into the future,

I’ll never know where we’re going,

But we’ll fall. Together.

We can’t foresee the future. We’ll never know where we’ll end up but we’ll keep on continuing through life. But you don’t have to be alone – you’re not. There are so many people out there just continuing through their lives, we’re all falling together. So many lights, shining in the dark, bursting with colour.

I think sometimes our lives can get a little messed up and I do believe that right now, society and culture are messed up too. But I named this poem ‘Beautiful Mess’ not because I think that it’s okay for society to be messed up (that is totally NOT the point). I called it that because of the people in the world, I believe we should all do our part to help make the world a little better. By that, I don’t mean going on a platform and making a huge, dramatic speech. I think that a lot of the time it’s the small things that really matter. How is the world going to be any better if the people are depressed? It really is the little things that can make the most difference. Maybe go out of your way to help someone else. It could be a donation to charity, or being there for a friend/family member going through a tough time and so on. Seriously, it doesn’t take that much. It’s just being there and supporting the people that need you the most. Love is your native tongue, guys.

And that wraps up today’s post. Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. Love you all!

So, what are your thoughts? I’d love to know in the comments! Should I do more poetry posts?

10 thoughts on “BEAUTIFUL MESS // analysis

  1. So basically YES YES YES to this whole post and I love your analysis and how you explained what everything means because so often poetry is left to the interpretation of the reader and you never really know what was going on in the authors head so this was really cool.
    I have such similar feelings about the world and society and just yeeessssssss I love this.

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  3. I loved the poem to begin with but hearing the stories behind your words only deepened it and I love it even more. Although personal interpretation can be great, it adds an extra dimension to see what the author was trying to share when they wrote their work. Thank you for sharing your thoughts ❤️

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  4. Aww, thank youuu, dear. It took me a week to get everything I wanted to say to work out in the poem and I’m so happy that you like it! And thank you for your sweet comment.


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