Story-telling Collab With Jewel @Treasured Script {q&a}

Hey friends! πŸ‘‹ Surprise! This week you’re getting two posts. This post is a very special one, because it’s my first collab AND it’s with the lovely Jewel from Treasured Script!

Let me assure you, Jewel is one amazing blogger and you should totally go follow her if you don’t already.

I was so, SO excited to share this collab with you and now I’m finally doing it! Basically, this collab is a story-telling Q&A post. Jewel and I both share a love for stories, so I thought the theme was pretty appropriate, right? So, I asked Jewel some story/writing related questions that I’m now posting. After you’ve finished here, go and check out my answers to Treasured Script’s amazing questions (I’ll include the link to her blog at the end).

Ok, now I’ll stop my rambling. Without further ado, let’s get straight to the Q&A. My questions are in red and Jewel’s text is in teal.

Meet Jewel!

S: Hiya, Jewel *frantic waving* Thank you so, SO much for doing this collab with me, dear! It’s gonna be epic! So, do you think you could introduce yourself for some of my followers who maybe don’t know you?

J: Hello, I’m Jewel, a teen girl with a pixie cut. I desire to serve Jesus with joy. I adore stories! I’m an author to be and have written multiple short stories. Currently, I am working on a larger novel. I also enjoy talking and thinking out loud. A friend of mine said anything can make me laugh, and I’m not sure if that is good or bad. I love corny jokes. People fascinate me, and I love them. I’m a geek, especially when it comes to Star Wars, Marvel, and Lego! (Yes Lego!) I dabble in drawing (especially portraits). My favorite color is yellow and I have been homeschooled my entire life. πŸ™‚ I’m an old soul who loves ’50s clothes and jazzy music! πŸ˜€ 

S: Guys, as you have just read, she’s awesome… go give her a follow 😁! Seriously, she has taught me so much in story-telling. So, Jewel, you’re an author to be. How did you develop that passion for writing?

J: Well, I honestly believe that homeschooling has allowed me the time to play… a lot. When someone has that much time on their hands, where they get to make stories constantly, it helps grow an imagination. Plus, I’ve always enjoyed entertaining and thinking deeply. I also much preferred it when I could turn a report-like paper into a story instead. Eventually, I loved stories so much that I had to create some of my own. 

S: Yeah, homeschool ROCKS, for sure! I’m so glad you found a love in that area, because you’re so good at it! So, what are some of your favourite stories (i.e. movies, books)?

J: I really like the Dark Knight Trilogy because of all the interesting characters. I also enjoyed The Hunger Games. So I enjoy things that can be semi-tragic but that have a good message. Old love stories, like Pride and Prejudice and Sabrina, are a lot of fun. I also enjoy movies that are super bright, sweet, and funny, like Monsters Inc, Spiderman Into the Spider-verse, The Emperor’s New Groove, The Lego Movies… etc. (I like animated films, OK?)

S: Oh yeah, The Dark Knight Trilogy was epic! Like, how good can Christopher Nolan get at film directing? And Spider-man: Into The Spider-Verse + The Lego Movies are all really good. I haven’t seen the others… yet. Well, do you prefer stories in movie or book form? Either way, why do you?

J: I’m kind of a movie person… I actually considered being a director, but then I realized that I wanted full control of the story. XD Anyway, I like seeing the story in front of me. I DO wish I read more than I do already. Plus, it’s kind of easier for me to find a movie than a book. I think it requires more dedication to dive into a book, especially if you bought it, which is often good but can also be negative. (It’s harder to close a book than click off a show or movie.) I need more book recommendations…

S: That’s understandable. Yeah, I think I’m more of a movie person too. I totally agree. As for book recommendations, I really don’t know. I kinda need more too XD. Hmm, I loved The Giver series by Lois Lowry, plus I enjoyed The Missing series by Margaret Haddix. There’re some ideas. Ok, let’s move onto more writing questions. We should never create a perfect character in stories, because that’s not realistic enough, right? What’s your favourite character flaw to write about?

J: Yes! Ohhh that’s a hard one… on broader terms, I like to write about characters who fail morally but get back up. To narrow that down, I enjoy writing characters who are a bit cocky and full of themselves and then show their good side. 

S: Oh yes! To be honest, I think I overuse that flaw a lot XD. But character building overall is pretty awesome! What about cliches? Are there any cliches in stories that you actually like? If so why?

J: Is a love triangle cliche? XD I actually like love triangles a lot (if done well) because of all the tension they can create.

S: Oof! I’m not really into love/romantic stories, but that could really cause A LOT of tension, for sure! I’d hate to be involved with any love triangle, haha. Ok, I’ve really wanted to ask you this next question: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received in writing that maybe you’d like to pass on?

J: I’ve learned SO much, but one that is probably essential to any writer is: Don’t doubt your ability to write. All writers mess up big time (BIG TIME), but the ones who truly make it, keep going and learning and improving no matter what. 

S: That is super good advice! And I think it can apply to many different areas, not just writing. Never give up, guys. Listen to Jewel here πŸ˜„. Ok, I thought this next question would be interesting to answer. As a writer, it must be so difficult to make up your mind. Right, you can either live in a world where you can ONLY create stories yourself or where you can ONLY enjoy stories that others have created – which world do you choose to live in?

J: HELP! I actually was going to say I’d enjoy other stories (I’m a major geek), but I think it would be pretty much impossible then for me to not create stories of my own because I would be inspired by those other stories. In a way, it might be neat to live in a world where I had created every story in existence, plus it is much more likely because I would be inspired by life. So I’d probably say “create stories”, though I much prefer a combination of the two. 

S: GEEKS FOREVER!!!! 🀣 Yeah, it’s hard to make a decision, but at least you thought of an answer. I can’t make my mind up, LOL! Okey-dokie, onto the next question… What’s your favourite genre and why?

J: Well, after reading The Hunger Games especially, I enjoy the thought behind dystopian stories. I like the idea behind a tragic world that is maybe a bit futuristic but also grounded enough to feel relevant. I’m not always a huge fan with how those stories tend to play out, but I do enjoy the premise of a lot of them. 

S: Ooh, I feel you! I love that idea too. It’s pretty cool, right? I’m half-way through Mockingjay right now and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Plus, I love the author’s writing style. Ok, I’m going off topic. How/where do you find motivation to write?

J: First, I’d like to say that I am assigned two hours of writing each school day, so at those times I basically have to write. XD I usually find motivation though, from just getting excited about the story. This might sound cheesy, but I find that if I just think about the places the story could go, the journey I can create for the characters, and the conflict I can have those characters work through, it really motivates me to start getting that story down.

S: Wow! Two whole hours of writing?! Woah. And, no, that doesn’t sound cheesy to me, Jewel; that gives me motivation too. I’m a night owl, so I lie awake half the night planning out hundreds of story plot ideas… Oops. Next question: What is your favourite and least favourite part of the process in creating a story from scratch? (I really want to know the answer to this one.)

J: My favorite thing is seeing the characters unfold and looking like actual human beings, and I have recently discovered that my least favorite thing is beginning the outline process because it can be daunting and I am not sure where to start.  

S: Oh yeah, beginning the outline is a total nightmare – but I guess, it’s definitely worth it in the end. Aww, sadly the next question is the last *cries hysterically*. The next one is just a fun one because, well, we can’t stay serious forever, haha. Jewel, you can be any superhero for a day! Plus, as a bonus, for all your quite amazing answers, you can have any superhero as your sidekick! Who will you choose to become and who is your sidekick?

J: *Cries because most of the female superheroes are NOT her favorite and are usually just supposed to be awesome because they can hurt men*(Ok that’s a bit exaggerated, but still…) I like superheroes a lot, but not just because of their powers. I also like their personalities and backgrounds. Black Widow is pretty neat. She is one of the only really interesting girl superheroes (don’t kill me because I don’t read comics), but I’m not sure I’d want to be a former assassin. That would really weigh on my conscience. I think I’d be Batgirl, mostly just I like the dynamic between her and Batman, who, by the way, would be my “sidekick.” (If Batman could be called a sidekick.) I also think Batgirl has a sweet personality and a sense of justice. Jim Gordon would also be an amazing father. XD

S: *Jewel, I totally feel you there* That’s exactly the same way I am when it comes to superheroes. Batgirl is a good choice, indeed! (And no, I won’t kill you because I’ve only owned one comic in my life, haha). But yeah, those are good choices.

Thanks again, Jewel, for doing this with me. All your answers were excellent. I definitely had fun working on this and putting it together. I would love to do it again sometime. ❀

Aww, sadly my part of the interview is over, but it was fun! I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed working on it. Now, go show Jewel some love by following her blog, here. Also, she just started with Insta the other week, so go give her a follow @pixiecutgem.

Are you interested in reading the amazing questions that Jewel asked me? Go and check out the other half of our collab right here.

Thanks for reading, dears. Have a lovely day!

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