EMBERS // a poem


Doors locked and windows boarded.

Emotions frozen in emptiness.

Time stopped in icy fractals.

Life trapped in utter darkness.

Seasons pass but stay the same.

Colours slowly faded to greyness.

Existence left still, unmoved.

Earth abandoned in silence.

Are you going to strike the match?

Set fire to what long ago was known.

Afraid to turn the pages

And see what is to come?

Will you let the road takes its bend?

Let the darkest shadow shine so bright?

Will you let the cold past burn?

Let the embers take their flight?

{poem analysis to be posted next Wednesday. Thanks for reading and have a lovely week}

20 thoughts on “EMBERS // a poem

  1. how did i miss this when you first published it sarah?? i only saw it just now! *scolds wordpress*
    it’s amazing!! you really are such so talented with poetry … i saw that someone commented that you should make a poetry booklet and i totally agree! i would buy it!
    keep it up, never stop writing! ❤
    power to the local dreamer ||-//

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  3. OH MY DOUGHNUT THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL. I absolutely love poems like this!!! It is really thought-provoking and flowy (not a word but whatever:). Anyway, it’s lovely, and I love your writing!!!

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