EMBERS poem discussion (This Is Your Life)

(read the poem, EMBERS, here)

The poem EMBERS, to be honest, is an open letter to myself that I wrote at the beginning of the year. It can be taken from different perspectives and that’s the way I wanted it to be. It could be about someone who’s been hurt deeply in the past and he/she just can’t let it go or it could be about someone who’s scared to show the world his/her creations/ideas or it could be about someone who struggles to open up and talk to other people or maybe it’s an anti-suicide poem and so on. But it all comes down to one subject: c h a n g e. Change is difficult and it’s definitely something I’ve struggled with myself.

This poem ends with a question, a metaphorical one. The question that I posed was ‘Will you let life continue and carry on?’

Change is tough but living in fear of it is worse. See, that fear of change can let loose that horrible thing called anxiety. Life can’t be enjoyed when we’re always fighting against it.  Change shapes us as human beings. We have to carry on. Change is vital. ​

Then why is it so hard?

I wish it was an easier question to answer.

I think, sometimes it’s because of the uncertainty. Change can make us feel uncomfortable, even when we know how much we need it. It’s not easy to make a leap of faith out into the unknown. I’ve always had a fear of change and I wrote this when I was trying my best to stop fighting it. I had tried hopelessly fighting change for too long. It isn’t worth it.

Change can be hard in different situations, though. Getting over a struggle of the past, growing up and bearing more responsibility, moving on after losing a loved on, getting overly attached to (good/bad) moments of the past, holding a grudge against someone, trying to find purpose, getting over a fallout with someone or a letdown – see, the list could go on forever! Change is always important somewhere in someone’s life, whether we realize that at first or not. Sometimes it’s so very hard to deal with.

So, after all my rambling, am I saying we should give up absolutely everything and go for change?


Guys, never, EVER give up on your dreams. This isn’t contradictory, by the way, because sometimes we need change to achieve our dreams. When things don’t work out one day, it does not mean we’ve failed. Instead, let’s learn from what we did, change and try again the next day, more experienced from the last. It may be difficult to try change, but you only really fail if you give up. We need change to grow and mature to be able to accomplish our dreams.

Life is most definitely worth living and there’s never, EVER a better time to do that other than right now, so make today worth it. Recently, I’ve come to the realization that there is a difference between the ability to walk on this planet and actually live – live on the inside. We can’t live happily to the proper extent if we’re constantly living life paranoid about the future/past. To quote NF, “breathing don’t mean you’re alive.”

The future can get scary to think about when we take a look around the world and wonder where we’ll end up someday. Perhaps we find ourselves fearfully obsessing over the future trying to stop the flow of change. But, as I said earlier, it’s not healthy. For now, let’s take a break and just breathe, take a look around and notice the beauty of today before it’s gone, but let change take its course. Let the road take it’s bend and learn to move on. In time, the pieces of our puzzles will fit together. Life is always worth living.

Before I go, I want to leave you with this song ^ . The first time I remember hearing This Is Your Life by Switchfoot, the lyrics really hit me. This is your life, are you who you want to be? I want to be more than just living in the past; I want my life to mean more than that. There’s more than just negativity in change. Make today more than okay. This is your life, is it everything you’ve dreamed that it would be?

Actually, this post wasn’t planned, I never expected to be writing it, but here I am. I guess many of us are where we are today and we never saw ourselves here all those years ago, or maybe even this morning! As life passes, we grow and mature. Change may feel a little like a betrayal of our younger selves. But no. We all go through our phases; we witness different emotions, we develop our passions and fight our battles. We learn what love really is once we realize the importance of others around us. You make friends; you lose friends and you walk the path of life while that past version of you nods you on, knowing you’re making the decisions that they never knew how to make. But there’s one thing I pray you will never lose, and that’s the ability to dream. No one outgrows that. Stay dreaming, ok?

So, will you choose change, learn from the past, never fear the future and live life now? Easy to say, harder to do but definitely not impossible. ❤

Now, let’s get chatty. What are your thoughts on change? And what did you think of the Switchfoot song?  Will you let the embers take their flight?

12 thoughts on “EMBERS poem discussion (This Is Your Life)

  1. This whole post is just so perfect- and the message you’re passing on- I totally agree! Change is vital, but never give up on your dreams for someone/something else that doesn’t mean as much to you. Thanks for the post, Sarah! <333

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  2. ahh sarah i’ve always had this fear of change too … i didn’t really recognize it until recently though. i can always feel a deep-seated unease when something is changing, and it effects everything about me. i’ve gotta learn to embrace it though, because everything you said is true. change makes you stronger.
    thanks for sharing the story behind your beautiful poem! ❤
    power to the local dreamer ||-//

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    • yeah, I could never explain why I hated change so much. I guess, I’ve always liked in be control but change kinda proved that I’m not. it made me uncomfortable. I forget too often that I have a great God who’s forever in control and it’s His will that really matters! …and like you said, change makes us stronger. 💛
      and thank YOU, my fellow Bandito, for reading it, really appreciate that ||-//

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  3. Whether we like to admit it or not, routine means stability and we are creatures of habit. Change disrupts that stability and we feel like we’re not in control anymore because our routine is gone. But we reach stability again, if we hang on.

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