The Seven Question Book Tag

HELLO! How’re you all doing? Today is Wednesday and that means today’s my posting day and that’s why I’m here today :D.

In today’s post I’ll be doing my second tag. Yes, I got it, like, forever ago… whoops. It’s the Seven Question Book Tag (in which I’ll attempt to take aesthetic book-ish photographs). Thank ya, Kenechi, for nominating me!

The rules are pretty simple. 1) Thank whoever tagged you. 2) Answer the questions. 3) Tag more people (preferably readers, because, after all, this is a book tag) and give them questions to answer.

I am a reader and I’m a massive fan of stories. I can’t lie though, in the past year I have been reading NOWHERE near as much as I would have liked to *weeps*. Recently, I’ve been reading a wee bit more. I finished reading The Hunger Games and Wonder a few weeks back, but my TBR list is still massive, help! Have you guys read any of those books?… Let me know what you thought of them. I am very pleased to be back to reading a bit more (aside from for school) and I hope I can keep it that way… wish me luck XD.

Oh yes, the questions. Kenechi, these are really good questions! Ok, here’s the first one…

Which of your books has the best cover (include a picture if you can)?

Hmm, I’m not that fussy when it comes to covers. You see, I’m generally not the type that judges a book by it’s cover. Alright, I’m not always that way but I tend to care more about reading the actual book than the cover. I guess, I really like the front cover of Mockingjay. Oooh, it’s so eye-catching and I have an obsession with fire for some reason. Fire inspires my writing a lot, as well as the sun and the sea. But anyways, I had to surf the web for a photo of the exact same cover because I read off a Kindle and the screen’s black and white. But I found a picture…

What is your favorite place to read?

Bed! I mean, firstly, it’s comfy and secondly, my bedroom is the only place I can read, concentrate and relax. Nearly everywhere else I go, there’s someone else there and I can NOT read if somebody is in the same room as me.

What was your favorite childhood book/series?

Ahh, I know the answer to this. I think I was nine when I first started reading the Mandie books by Lois Gladys Leppard. I think I was eleven or twelve when I got the last book, well, actually the author passed away before she finished the series. But did you know that she was twelve when she wrote the first book? I still have the whole collection on my bookshelf. It’s a series of books written for younger children about a one-part Cherokee, young girl who keeps running into all these mysteries and situations and she has to pretty much solve all sorts of mysteries. Meanwhile, she’s learning life lessons along the way. My favourite thing about reading them was solving the mystery before she did XD. Mystery/detective novels used to be my favourite.

What is one movie rendition of a book you love?

Why has my brain gone dead? I can’t think of any renditions I’ve seen! Oh, well there’s The Lord of he Rings, I guess. You know, I never read The Return of the King (please don’t kill me), I intend to start the whole series over again though. But I really liked the movies and the first two books.

How many times have you reread a book?

I think about three times.

Hardcover or paperback?

Apparently, most people prefer hardcover, but I’m weird and I prefer paperback. I don’t fully know why, but I guess they’re easier to hold and they bend 🤔.

With what book have you cried the most?

I’m not a big crier when it comes to books. But A Monster Calls did emotionally move me to having a few pretty bad breakdowns. By the end of it, I was a sobbing wreck. So this book is definitely the one that has made me cry the most. Random fact: anytime I listen to Cancer by My Chemical Romance, I’m immediately reminded of A Monster Calls.

The nominees:

Help! I’m so bad at this. Ok, ok, let me think of some bookworms…




And finally… anybody else who wants to can go right ahead and participate.

The questions:

1) How did you develop your love for stories?

2) What’s your favourite genre?

3) What book has emotionally moved you the most?

4) In your opinion, why are stories important today?

5) If you could make your very own film based off any one book in the world, which one would it be?

6) Do you prefer historical or fictional books? Either way, why?

7) What’s one thing that can make a book enjoyable for you?

…And there you go, if you’re doing the tag, I hope you have fun answering the questions!

…Annnnnd, I think that pretty much finishes today’s post. Thanks for reading my rambles, now go and have a wonderful day, ok? Ok.

28 thoughts on “The Seven Question Book Tag

  1. Ahhh, The Hunger Games were so GOOOOD! They were so saaaaaddddd tho, and depressing. But amazing. I haven’t read Wonder, but I’ve seen the movie, lol.
    You haven’t read The Return of the King? No worries. 🙂 They are very hard to get through, even though I love them. 😛

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    • indeed… so good. I haven’t actually seen the movie, wonder, yet, but the book was great. I think it’s disgusting the way deformed kids have been treated in schools and places, I mean, they’re still human beings… no different from the rest of us.

      not… yet XD. I hope read it soon. but yeah, the rest of the series was very hard for me to get through, so yeah 😆
      thanks for your comment, Kenechi 💙

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    • you did?! that is so cool, how many more similarities are you gonna find between us? XD. oh yes, I think there’s 3 movies, I was gonna watch them yrs ago but I guess that never happened, idk why haha. have you seen them? 💜

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      • We just keep finding more similarities, next I’ll find out you are obsessed with Agents of SHIELD or something.
        Yeah, I think I’ve seen them! It was years ago, but I think that they were very similar to the books, but the last one was trying to combine multiple books, and I didn’t like it that much.

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      • ikr?? ok, I have a feeling you said that, hoping that I did XD? maybe not. but sadly, I differ there bc I’ve never seen them. I’m very much interested in seeing them. but not yet…
        cool! I’ve seen the trailers and they looked pretty similar, I think there was also a christmas special one… maybe I’m wrong. but when I was younger I REALLY wanted to see them.

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      • See, what happens is you start watching it, then you get hooked. I didn’t see it til April, so you still have some time. If you watch it now(it’s on Netflix, if you have that) then you can catch up by the final season!

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      • I totally get that. it’s bit like all of the marvel movies lol. hmm, I’ll see about it. we do have netflix but I think the range of movies online differs by location, so I’ll see. I can’t remember, what’s it rated?

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      • Ok! That’s fine-I wouldn’t want anyone knowing what state I live in, and I’ve heard sometimes other countries are the size of states. Privacy definitely matters because for all you know, I’m a 40 yo man. (I’m totally not, but you know)

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  2. I LOVE THIS AHHH ❤ So I was reduced to tears by Noughts & Crosses by Malorie Blackman and I don't usually cry at books, but when it came to that one? Literal. Bucket loads. Oh. My. Word.

    Some of my fav books are Beautiful Broken Things, The Hate U Give, Are We All Lemmings And Snowflakes?, The Secret Life Of Bees, Swallows And Amazons series, the Cherub series, Alex Rider series and of course, Noughts And Crosses.

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    • YAY 💛 Ok, I don’t think I’ve heard of that book, I’ll have to look it up. but yeah, I feel you. I like, never cry at books but then there’s randomly this book that’s written SO well you can’t not cry.

      thanks for recommendations 😁! ok, I’ve heard of The Hate U Give and Swallows And Amazons, I was gonna read that like, forever ago… but I no longer have the book, so I never got to read it 😖. I have seen the movie tho, we have frens in the lake district who took us to see it. oh and I rly wanna read the Alex Rider series SO much… agh, I have so many books to read 🤦


    • I’m so glad you enjoyed! and yeah, the LotR movies weren’t really that accurate at all, lol, but I didn’t mind. and even tho legolas wasn’t supposed to be in the hobbit I TOTALLY didn’t mind lol. thank you so much dear! 💛

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  3. Oooo this is was really fun to read through! I loved the Mandie books too as a child, although I was also a hardcore Nancy Drew gal 😉 I like your taste in books! ❤️


    power to the local dreamer ||-//

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    • thanks!💛 and oh my goodness, that’s so awesome that we both read the mandie books! hmm, I’ve never read the Nancy Drew but I’m pretty sure I would have loved them if I did. I was obsessed with girls mystery novels 😄.


      sorry about the excessive caps 😂😂. just excitement, y’know? anyways, thanks for your comment and have a lovely day ||-// ❤️

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  4. THANKS FOR THE TAG YAAYYYY (let’s just pretend that that the last tag I did wasn’t like five months ago and I don’t have an ever-growing list heh)
    THG YAS I’m glad you read it!! And omw Wonder is such a sweet book ahhhh 😍 Auggie my cutiepie! I’ve read both series’ and books, and it’s great that you read them! Don’t worry, we always have a huge TBR XD but I’d definitely recommend for you, hm, KOTLC? (keeper of the lost cities) Have you read it? Also The Land of Stories, Unwanteds (watch me use my middle grade fantasy recommendations here hah) and so much more!! Dya have a GR? You neeeeed one ❤ 🤣
    I actually prefer paperback too- I think it's a bookworm thing! Most bookworms prefer paperback- one of my friends actually did a poll and everyone preferred paperback… so 😂
    Thanks for the tag, lovely!

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    • YOU’RE WELCOMEEE (lol, no worries, there’s no pressure whatsoever to do it haha)
      yessss, they were all so good. ahem… yeah, my TBR is growing… a lot, and i can’t keep track of all the books that need read lol. i haven’t read any of those books (help!!), but thanks for the recommendations. i’ve been interested in reading kotlc for like, forevvver now. and i literally just got a GR today, i def need one BADLY hahaha.
      really?… i did not know that. so, maybe i’m not so weird lol
      npppp dear

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      • Ok don’t worry- I’m saving it up for a good day, I promise (give me some ideas- I want to do a tag week or something- IDEAS PLEASE when should I do it???)
        That was my exact problem!! I got a GR earlier this year so it’s still chaos and only has like a third of all the books I’ve actually read, but it’s super helpful to organize and read other reviews etc. Yesss you’ll like KOTLC I think!
        True booklovers are paperback fans haha. Those who read only a ~bit~ are hardcover people! It’s a well-known fact that I didn’t just make up BUT I SWEAR IT’S TRUE 😂

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      • that’s fine, honestly (hmm, a tag week sounds wonderful, it’s totally up to you. just take your time ❤ ). yes, GR is great! i'll have to read kotlc soon, at the mo i'm reading outlaws of time, have you read that? well, most of the time i read on kindle, but paperbacks are overall the best! lol

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      • thanks! ❤
        hmm, no I haven't! it sounds cool– I'll check it out ❤ haha kindle is cool as well! I don't have a kindle, but I read on my phone via kindle sometimes but it's hard for me to concentrate on such a tiny screen. x

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      • I’m in the middle of reading the first book and so far it’s been good. and you seem to like that genre by the sound of it 🙂 . yeah, I don’t like reading on the phone much, I have that same problem, kindle or the actual book is much better 😄.
        enjoy the rest of your weekend ❤️ xx

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    thankya, for the tag 😀

    also a monster calls will always rise from the depths of my emo phase to KILL MY EMOTIONS. always. wah.

    also paperback has funded 90 percent of my library, so there.

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    • NPPPP

      oof! i kinda get that. like, i started reading a monster calls without knowing *anything* about it. I WAS NOT PREPAREDDDD

      so, aditi says prefering paperbacks is a bookworm thing
      i didn’t know that when i wrote this post
      i learned something…
      …perhaps i’m not as weird as i thought 😆

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