silent in the trees

today’s post is just a little photography post. i decided to let the photos speak for themselves and paste the lyrics from one of my favourite songs ever inbetween. this song means so very, very much to me….


i know
where you stand

in the trees

and that’s
where i am

in the trees

why won’t you speak?
where i happen to be

in the trees
standing cowardly

i can feel your breath
i can feel my death

i want to know you
i want to see
i want to say


18 thoughts on “silent in the trees

  1. How beautifully the pictures blend with the lyrics … such a powerful song and your pictures perfectly represent it. It adds such a soft, powerful, living visual dimension. It kinda reminds me of the visuals for Cut my lip in concert actually! You’re so talented at photography and so many other things.
    You should do more of these Sarah … they’re gorgeous!
    power to the local dreamer ||-//

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    • aw jul… thank you so much. also, I absolutely love your way of describing things. really?!… sadly the bois didn’t play cut my lip at my show but I watched the performance on YT and I see what you mean. and aghhhh thanks so much… says you! 😂
      I hope to make more in the near future. I’m just tryna decide on a song lol. can you think of a song maybe haha? anyways, thanks so very muchly for your sweet comment, my friend ||-// xx

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