DEAD•EYES part ii // REAL

I felt that my last poem, DEAD•EYES, wasn’t enough by itself. The poem/story wasn’t complete on it’s own. When I wrote it, I’d entered some kind of slump or something, but I’m a lot better now. So, with that being said, here is the finale – the second and last part of DEAD•EYES:


Take me to the horizon,
where my dead eyes will finally see.
I’m afraid to disappear away
in the thick ice spreading around me.
“Remember me,” you whisper.
I just want to believe once again,
in everything you’re trying to tell me.
You’re the only one who’ll kill my pain.

So I will try
to hold onto you.
If I promise not to cry,
can you tell me if I’m real?
I just won’t let this light die.

Nothing feels the same to me.
Even time now seems so distorted.
But I’m adamant there’s a way out.
Open my eyes. Make me feel supported.
Oh, I think I hear you voice,
I’ll focus on the words you spoke.
I saw a flicker as you called me,
I’ll hold onto it – my only hope.

And I will try
to hold onto you.
If I promise not to cry,

can you tell me if I’m real?
I just can’t let this light die.

Will you wake me up inside?
I want to believe in all your words,
I’ll listen as you bring me back to life.
Let the ice fall away. Fall downwards.

And I’m trying
to hold onto you,
but I just can’t stop crying
as now I see the horizon.
Our light’s never, ever dying.

You can tell me that I’m real.

-Sarah x

25 thoughts on “DEAD•EYES part ii // REAL

  1. i’m just… gonna cry. is that okay? let me cry. this hit unbelievably close to home, and i think you need some hugs because describing the dark that well usually means that you’ve been in it too. ❤️

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    • i honestly don’t what to say. I think we *all* need hugs… especially when we’re low. and I’m doing much better. thank you for reading and your comment. all the hugs ❤️❤️


  2. oh sarah – i’m so, so late – please forgive me!
    this is amazing. this is so beautiful. it’s the hope which always exists in the darkness, if you can just grab onto it and hold it with all your strength.
    it reminded me of taxi cab – “and I asked him him “am I alive and well or am I dreaming dead? and then one turned around to say “we’re driving toward the morning, son, where all your blood is washed away and all you did will be undone”
    and of course, holding onto you!
    i love when someone can take pieces of songs and memories and thoughts and experiences and weave them into their own unique work, which in turn inspires others … it’s such an incredible cycle *kitchen sink*
    sarah – your genius with words is mind-blowing. you truly have this power of weaving emotion and melody into your words … i hope you never stop creating!
    i’ll always be here to hold your hand and we can walk into the sunrise together … let’s capture every little speck of light we find and become beacons for the world
    you’re more than real…you’re alive, and beautiful, and you have power in what God has given you
    “take pride in what is sure to die” ❤ ❤ ❤
    power to the local dreamer ||-//

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    • jul, this was like the sweetest comment ever. thank you so much!
      wow, some of these references were unintended and now i can’t unsee them. i admit though, i did think of holding onto you as i wrote it. this is what i meant when i said it’s so hard for me to write poetry because i feel that top have already written everything i want to say and already described everyway i feel.
      oh my goodness, i will never be able stress just how much your words mean to me. i will forever hold onto them. you’re such a spark of encouragment and you’re so inspiring. thank you jul – you’re such a great friend that i never deserved.
      and i also will always be here for you, dear. you were able to show me the glow of the sunrise through my frozen perception and i thank God everyday for such a lovely, powerful and inspiring friend like you. never stop shining ❤ ❤ ❤


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