2020 goals & rambles

​hewwo, friends.

i hope the first week of this brand new decade has been good for you all. it’s been weird for me… in a good way though. anyways, on new years day my family & i watched a movie & stayed up to watch the clock strike twelve, then i made myself strawberry tea & listened to some mayday parade, chatted with my brothers until two & then attempted to sleep. that was how my year began. how did you start yours?

within this first week i have: tried out a bunch of new art supplies & styles, listened to judah & the lion wayyy too much (iT WaS CLaRA’S FauLT! XD), felt toooo much nostalgia by listening to all the pop hits of the last decade, got over art block, curled my hair for the first time in months & worked on a special project that y’all can’t know about just yet (ooo, i’d better stop talking before i give too much away lol).

but, man, i can’t believe it’s another decade. 2010 seems like so long ago & just yesterday at the same time. it’s going to be a weird decade & very likely one of my most life changing ones – i’m trying to imagine what i’ll be like by the end of it. in ten years time will i have changed much? or not at all? i mean, i’ll hopefully be an adult by then, which probably won’t change me much, if it does at all XD, but it’s crazy to think about. it’s the future! & if i’m being honest, the future is quite a scary thing for me to think about. i kinda just want to stop time right now, yet just keep living in the moment… does anyone else feel that?

to be honest, i wasn’t at all excited for the new year. i mean, it’s just another year *shrugs*. but now, i have a feeling that this year is gunna be a good one. i don’t know why. but, i sense that it’s going to be a hectic year too. in fact, i can’t help but think it’s gunna be the most hectic year of mY LiFE – i honestly have no explanation why! (i’m weird, i know). i have a few big things planned for 2020, which i can’t wait to tell you about, but i think it’s best to wait till a better time XP

as i thought back over the happenings of 2019, at first my heart sank – i’d failed at every goal i’d made. i felt like i’d accomplished nothing. but now, i realise that’s not true. to wrap 2019 up real fast, it was a year filled with changes. i changed a lot. 2019 was also filled with many unexpected happenings which i never saw coming. i made some of my best memories in 2019, i tried new things, made friends & listened to wayyyy too much music. i’d actually achieved quite a bit, just not the things i’d had in mind. yes, i had plenty of bad days but, compared to how 2019 turned out for many others, i have 100% NO right to complain. i was truly blessed with many good memories in 2019 which i know i totally forget to appreciate half the time :v. one of the best things about last year was getting to know new people who just turned into friends & then almost siblings! now that’s an accomplishment to me ^_^

so then, back to reality, it’s 2020! even though i tend to make new year goals, i can never decide on them until the actual year begins *sighs*. this year they’re kinda random & strange but here they are: (perhaps listing them here will keep me motivated :/ )

  • spend less time on instagram. (already working on this goal & so far it’s going pretty well :D)
  • discover more music. (this one is already going well too. pleasepleaseplease give me music reccs down below)
  • cycle somewhere between half an hour & an hour every weekday. (#getfit… MEH!! actually, i just like the idea of cycling everyday – gives me something to do XD)
  • work harder at singing practice.
  • get outside more. (because firstly, i just keep getting these sudden urges to go outside & secondly, i want to take more photooos)
  • focus on the good things in life, not the flaws.
  • get into a better sleeping pattern. *snores*
  • grow a bigger art fanbase so i can begin selling my work. (not sure how this one will go. to be very honest, i doubt i’ll be selling art this year. i also need to improve my art first before it’s good enough to go on sale lol)

woohoo, that’s them. perhaps they’re too many…? i don’t know *shrugs*. they’re really just basic “guidelines” & even if i fail at most of them i’m still happy to just see how things turn out.

oh, another thing i want to do in 2020 is sort out a proper blogging schedule. i mean, i have the gist of one – i post every wednesday, but i’m working on a more detailed & organized one, which i hope to address more in a future post soon. i’ll probably make a few changes but definitely not drastic ones. anyways, i really need your help! it’s simple, i just need you to take this very short survey right HERE, if you have the time. thank you!

& that, folks, is a wrap to my ramble. i kinda just wanted to take a break from a writing post this week & that’s what i did. how was your 2019? have you got any 2020 goals? what’s one thing you’re excited about the most this year?

*we could conquer the stars beyond this world*  ~sarah xx

20 thoughts on “2020 goals & rambles

  1. *whispers* muuusssstt knooowwww aboouuuttt the secret projeeecccttt
    Oh yes, i feel it too. The future *is* pretty scary. AND YES. I felt the same way about the new year. But now, I’ve decided that maybe I’ll make a few goals. 🙂 I just haven’t decided what yet. xD Aw, you’re right Sarah. It’s okay if you didn’t make your goals. I didn’t make mine either (come to think of it, i don’t remember what they were…). 🙂 And anyway, those are all great goals, and I wish you best of luck with them! Even if you don’t sell any art this year, or the year after that, I know you will someday! Your art is seriously so good. ❤ ❤

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  2. beautiful shots sarah, and guess what? your goals are literally almost all mine XD except it’s discord instead of insta for me, and running instead of cycling. everything else though i need to work on too … we can do it together! ❤ ❤ ❤
    i know your feeling … this year feels like there's some sort of greatness hidden somewhere in the expanse of the next 12 months. even if it never actually happens, the feeling is something intoxicating. a new decade – it's mind-boggling. i turned the decade on trees this year, sitting on the edge of the dock with headphones on and watching the fireworks. it was beautiful for me because really, in this decade, i want to know Him more, and i want to talk to Him more than i have ever before. i want God to become my #1 priority. as long as i keep my eyes on Him this upcoming decade, i know it's gonna be worth it and great things will happen.
    i love you sarah! can't wait to see what the future holds for you ❤ ❤ ❤
    power to the local dreamer ||-//

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    • thank you, dear! xd, that’s amazing! oh, yeah, discord is also a problem for me too… oops. anyways, good luck with all your goals, i just know you’ll be amazing at them ❤️❤️

      awh, jul, that’s an amazing way to start the year. same though, i really want to put God first in my life. i’ve always had this habit of trying to take control of my life & trying to fix all my problems on my own – it doesn’t work. i really need to put my focus on God :)). although, conversing with you has been amazing & you’ve been a wonderful example of someone who truly loves the Lord… it’s inspiring, jul, it really is ❤️

      i love you too. getting to know you has been such a blessing xx ||-//

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  3. Those are wonderful goals!
    Music recs…I mean, I think our tastes are pretty different but let me try. Ava Max is great, so is Dua Lipa. You might like them IDK. And I love Sabrina Carpenter.
    whatsecretproject?tellme. tellmenow.

    I took your survey! I know you already took one of mine, but I made another. *hides*
    Mind checking it out?(it’s way longer, so it’s ok if you don’t.) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe8amKWfckxiaexFc08WBXRKoCxKA3Lfx8yFG0RITYMkmD3nQ/viewform?usp=pp_url

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    • thank you!
      actually, our music tastes may be pretty different, but yours are VERRRY similiar to the “old sarah’s” tastes. like, very much so – i mean, my past self was a taylor addict for a start xd. anyways, isn’t ava max the one who sang sweet but psycho? hmm, most of dua lipa’s music annoys me, especially new rules ugh… buuuut i like swan song quite a bit. ooo, never listened to sabrina carpenter before – i’ll check her out.
      patient is a virtue, my friend lol. actually, there’s two secret projects going around now & there’s one of them i wanted to tell you about. shoot me an email if you wanna know (i’m like, the worst at keep secrets anyway). i keep meaning to email you about a few things actually.

      thank youuuu. ahha, i was intending to take that! i’ll get that done asap ❤

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      • Ava Max did sing Sweet but Psycho. I like her less popular stuff better. I do not like any of Dua Lipa’s popular stuff, but some of the stuff on her album is nice. She also has a song that sounds just like a Billie Elish song. I think it’s called Room for 2, but I’m not sure. You should totally check Sabrina Carpenter out!
        2 projects…oooh! I will definitely shoot you an email so you can tell me😁

        Aw, thanks!

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      • hmm, i really hate sweet but psycho, i seriously feel like screaming when i hear it… but not in excitment. my dad likes it tho, which i wasn’t expecting *shrugs*. ooo, i really like SOME of billie’s stuff, i’ll have to hear that one.
        awh, aight!!

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  4. *beams upon seeing a mention of j&tl* *is wearing a j&tl t-shirt while typing this* YAY, I’m so thrilled that you like them. XD I’ll refrain from giving you way too many music suggestions again, but I will recommend Where I’m From by Colony House… it was just released today and it’s beautifully written. I think you might like it. 🙂
    I can’t wait for your project to be finished! 😀 *nods emphatically* I definitely get wanting to stop time right now, and also wanting to just keep living in the moment. Your goals for the year are amazing, I wish you the best of success in accomplishing them! Also, I took your survey. 🙂 Happy 2020, Sarah – this was a lovely post! ❤

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    • yeeee, i’ve LOVED j&tl’s mozic! it’s amazing. oOOooo, i haven’t heard that… i’d better check it out *snatches up earphones*
      aw, i’m so happy you’re excited. so far i’ve only received your entries but i can’t other for the rest to come in! thank you, clara! & also thanks for the feedback in the survery. same to you ❤❤


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  5. Yeah I have this feeling that this decade’s gonna be weird, but hey we’ll all learn something from it 😀 ❤
    Love your goals! I'd love to find more music too, haha – not sure how I'm gonna do that. I guess browse YouTube and expand my favorite music base through different playlists and such. haha. There are also so many songs I've never listened to by artists I already know, so I could probably start there!

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      • I love pop/rock the most, but I’ve also found country, rap, Christian/Gospel, and indie songs that are amazing! Right now I’ve been loving songs by Leeland, Tonic, Konata Small, Juice WRLD, Hunter Hayes, and Rend Collective! So many kinds of singers 😂💗 how about you? What have you been listening to?

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      • ahh, a lot of variety – i like that! ❤️😂 hmm, I’ve been listening to A LOT lately lol. but i’ve been listening to some billy talent, judah & the lion plus wayyyy more lolol. plus tyler joseph’s album, no phun intended, was sneaked back on spotify so i’ve had that on repeat lately 😂

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