tribute to tøp albums… on a cork board

​i sat slumped in my chair, wondering what to do. it was tuesday the fifteenth, i was still trying to get into the swing of studying and getting up early again after christmas break.

anyways, today i’d finished up schoolwork earlier than usual. now i was bored (which is just typical of me :/ ). after finally getting over art block my fingers were itching to create. but, i still wasn’t feeling motivated enough to start drawing a grayscale portrait which i was going to have to put a whole lot of time and effort into. nope, i wanted to do something different, creative, colourful and most likely related to some music band or something.

glancing around the room, my gaze locked unto my bland cork bulletin board. i’d had an idea! and it was probably a crazy one too, i told myself. i frantically turned on the laptop and surfed the web for references. what were they and what were they for?

well, they were undoubtedly references from twenty øne piløts’ albums. i printed them out and dashed back into my room. then, clambering unto my bed, i unhooked my cork board from the wall, pulled my markers out from under my bed and began to spend my time sitting on my bedroom carpet, blaring music from my brand new speaker which my brother got me and drawing tøp designs all over my cork board’s frame.

i was nervous… super nervous. these were permanent markers that i was using on the soft wooden frame – if i made one false move with my pen i could easily have regretted my whole decision to do this. but, i continued to keep drawing and, thank goodness, everything went smoothly.

it took a lot longer than i’d expected to work on. but, i pursued on in my “arting” and six days lately, i proudly held the finished piece in my hands. now i wanna show it to you guys.

on each side of the frame, i drew a design as a tribute to each album so far. i had to skip regional at best because i couldn’t think of a design and my board unfortunately doesn’t have five sides (that’d be weird though). the side that represents blurryface was a total nightmare to work on – fine details, thick tipped pens and my lack of patience don’t work well together.

my cork-board-tøp-tribute was hung back up on the wall, right above my bed’s headboard. now i was eager to decorate it again… aka plaster it in song lyrics, band pics, quotes, drawings and other trash. i was pretty happy with the turn out, even though the ink showed up a little messy in someplaces i think it adds more originality. it’s nice to think about how it was just an ordinary cork board once, but now i doubt anyone owns one which looks anywhere near the same :))

i would totally have drawn on the actual cork as well though! …if only the ink would have applied well enough XD. anyways, that’s everything i’ve gotta show y’all for today. thanks for reading and i hope you enjoyed what you saw. have you ever worked on a similar project? pen art or painting? would you be interested in a room tour?

~sarah xx

23 thoughts on “tribute to tøp albums… on a cork board

  1. That’s amazing!! I absolutely love itttttttt. ❤ It's so aesthetic and unique at the same time. I've wanted a cork board for SO. FREAKIN. LONG. Except I don't have money to buy one 😂 (actually, i have to admit, i *did* have money. i just spent it on books and crafty stuff xD)

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  2. oh my goodness sarah i LOVE the finished product! the before and after is SO cool … you really took something bland and plain and turned it into something amazing. and OH how i empathize with you on blurryface … the designs are SO hard to replicate! it probably took me a solid 4 hours to do my blurryface drawing … and mine was pencil so I still had a little redemption if i messed up.
    sdfijsdif i love the finished product so much, i can’t even really explain it. and also i love the lyrics and quotes … especially a certain one in there *tears up*
    you wouldn’t believe it but i also have a board filled with aesthetic lyrics and quotes in my room. i don’t know how much more twin-sie we can get.
    PLEASE do a room tour … i would love to see more! ❤ ❤ ❤
    power to the local dreamer ||-//

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    • eeee, thank you sista. also, i remember looking at your blurryface thinking, “where on earth did she get the patience from to draw all of that?!” but, your drawing looked amazing in the end :))
      aw really?! i tried to keep it a balance of serious & inspiring stuff (like tøp & mcr) & more light-hearted quotes (like Killer Queen). anyways, glad you like it :DD
      actually, i do believe it – we’re so similar it of course would hAVE to be something we’d both do xdddd.
      i’ll try to do a room tour soooon. but until then, thank youuuu SO much for your wondermous comment ❤️❤️ ||-//

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