the mystery blogger award (ii, iii & iv)

​hello! i hope you’ve all had a good week so far.

so, as you can tell by the title, i’m doing a tag today. well, it’s one i’ve been nominated for a few times, so i thought by now i ​​should throw ’em all together and make one big post. thanks to ariana, diamond and zielle for nominating me. i’m also going to include some really random photos from last year’s vacation, because currently, i’m really missing and craving spring/summer.

the rules:

  • 1. put the award logo/image on your blog.
  • 2. thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • 3. mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well (this award was created by okoto enigmas).
  • 4. answer the five questions you were asked.
  • 5. tell your readers three things about yourself.
  • 6. you have to nominate ten – twenty people.
  • 7. notify your nominees by commenting on their blogs.
  • 8. ask your nominees any five questions of your choice with one weird or funny question.
  • 9. share a link to your best post(s).

…and now, let’s get into the questions; shall we?

first up, diamond’s questions:

1. (for fun) have you ever eaten a drink packet?

ahaha, i’ve been tempted to, but nope. we don’t really use drink packets where i’m from; they’re more of a US thing. at least, i’ve only had drink packets sent to me from an american friend and i decided to enjoy the stuff the way it was intended. it’s sad though, because kool-aid is literally so good (and probably very unhealthy *cough cough*) and it’s impossible for me to get in the stores here :((

2. which of your blog posts took the most time?

uhmmm, *looks thoughtful* my poem, “beautiful mess”, took a week to write. but, as for an actual post specifically written for the blog, it would probably have been my analysis for “embers”.

3. what song do you think of whenever you think of fall?

“everything i wanted” by billie eilish! it makes me think of walks to the post office with fallen leaves embracing the sidewalks and bus rides in the november rain. even the single cover is all autumn colours too. everything about the song makes me think of fall, only because it was released during that season and i instantly got obsessed with it.

4. where do you see yourself in 10 years?

oof, that’s something i find really scary to think about. to be honest, i don’t really have an answer to that question. i’m just the kind of person who takes life as it comes and aims to fulfil as much of my aspirations as possible now. i guess, i’ll definitely be an adult by then *shrugs* and i’d be really happy if i’ll have accomplished/be accomplishing my dreams.

5. how many follower do you think is a lot?

i don’t know. i haven’t given this question much thought. i mean, 1,000 is a nice, big amount. it doesn’t mean you’re famous, but it’s a lot. honestly, i really don’t know *shrugs helplessly*.

next up, ariana’s questions:

1. (for fun) have you ever made the winning strike on a pinata?

nope. never even hit a pinata in my life, actually.

2. what’s your favourite weather?

anything that’s not cold. otherwise my fingers swell up because of bad blood circulation and it’s not fun. i do like rain a lot, but i also really, really appreciate a still, warm, silent and rainless atmosphere too – that type of weather feels magical.

3. backpack or purse?

most definitely backpack. backpacks are just way more practical. weeell, to be honest, i’d just rather no bag at all – we have pockets instead, ma dudes (but not for large items, i guess :/ ).

4. how do you pursue things? (goals, progress, encouragement from others, etc.)

*helplessly shrugs again* so, i’m actually a reaaaally unmotivated person, so it’s kinda hard to know the answer. it’s not goals though – goals work horribly for me. i think it’s like, a mix of encouragement from others and knowing how much good this thing i’m pursuing is actually gunna do for me and perhaps even others too. plus, thinking about my future can help as well. it depends; sometimes all of that works and sometimes it does nothing… i think it may depend on my mood xD.

5. if you could live in any country, where would you live?

hmm, i might choose england. specifically lincolnshire, because it’s my favourite place on earth. but, i also do know a few peeps in america though. most of them are actually located in the same state, so i may be tempted to move there too. but, then i’d miss visiting my beloved lincolnshire *dies of excitement*

alright then, lastly, we have zielle’s wondermous questions:

1. what is the strangest story and/or blog post you have ever written?

aw man, literally, all of my stories were strange as a youngster. so, one of my first short stories was about two brothers (one of which lived in a small cottage with a flower garden on PaRK LaNe in london smh). one of the brothers was a runner, but when competing in a race he lost and his brother laughed at him for it. to get his revenge, he dressed up as a ghost with a bedsheet over his head and continually scared his brother and his brother’s wife until he eventually murdered his brother. and that was it! *cringes* i’m sooOOO weird, you’ll have to accept that xD. all my stories back then were about revenge – i’ve always had a love for stories about revenge and i don’t know why. ANYWAYS….

2. what is your current favourite book?

uhmmm, i don’t think i have one actually~

3. are you an extrovert, an ambivert, or an introvert?

most definitely an introvert. so, all those personality types really explain where one gets their energy from and how they recharge that energy. i love being alone and able to recharge. having to socialise makes me really nervous and the more people i have to meet at once, the more i wear out until i actually feel reaaally drained. of course, there are certain people in my life who make feel more like an extrovert, but overall, i’m an introvert.

4. would you rather have one wish granted right now, or three wishes granted in five years?

ooo, toughie. so, i’m a very impatient person and i’d rather say one wish right now, but there’s something in my head screaming that the wise move would be to wait five years for three wishes. i mean, i don’t know if i could survive waiting that long, but i’d pick the last option :v

5. what qualities do you look for in a friend?

hmm *looks extremely deep in thought* i think i tend to look for friends who are genuine, reliable, passionate, trustworthy, have humility and are…*sighs* i really dunno how to exactly explain what i mean, to be honest. see, in a lot of friendships, we tend to think a lot about what WE ourselves can get out of them instead of figuring out what we have to add to the friendship. yes, i am blessed with the best of supportive friends, but i want to be able to return that back to them too. but, i think the thing i look out the most for in friends is really how genuine they are, as well as how genuine the friendship is. i’m kinda wary about making friends, especially if i sense the friendship isn’t going to last (is that a good thing?). and they must like the same music bands too! …just kidding. but, i’m kinda already blessed with friends that have epic music tastes anyway xD.

…and there you go! great questions, girls. okay, now for listing three facts about myself. i’m not doing nine (even though i am doing three tags) because i’m really not a very interesting person.

  • 1. i can cross one of my eyes whilst staring ahead with the other. like this: (  ·) ( · ).
  • 2. speaking of eyes, i have central heterochromia iridis in my eyes. (you can look it up – i’m so bad at explaining things).
  • 3. i don’t think anything can make me feel more nostalgic than onerepublic or taylor swift’s music (i used to have cringey obsessions with both of them).

(actually, i may take that back. “bleeding love” is playing on the radio & i’m internally screaming with nostalgia. help! oh, but then, onerepublic’s singer wrote the song though, so….)

anyways, that’s me finished listing my facts. as i said, i’m a very uninteresting person xD. now, i think this may be my favourite blog post (at least, it currently is): already gone // a short.

oof, and now we come to the hard part, tis time to nominate some peeps. also, i’m sticking to nominating ten people, not thirty. oh goodness, i don’t have the patience to list that many. so, i don’t know if all of you guys do tags/awards, but i nominate:





diamond (is nominating the person who nominated you allowed? well, i just did it.)





… and lastly, you! yes, you who readeth this rubbish, you have been nominated.

alright, the nominating is over. now for some questions:

  1. (for fun) pineapples on pizza?
  2. do you believe in fate? if so, why?
  3. if you could revisit your past, would you do so to change it, or relive it?
  4. what age do you feel like right now and why?
  5. if you could only keep three of your possessions, what would they be?

…and there you have it! the mystery blogger award. woah, this post was loooong, so, it’s totally okay if you skimmed over it xD. but, if you actually read this whole post and survived… congratulations! anyways, that’s all for today’s post. i’m signing off now to go listen to some “cypress & co.” (< if you don’t listen to her already, you should. honestly.)

what’s the strangest story you’ve ever written? where’s your favourite place on earth? are you ready for spring?

-sarah xx

19 thoughts on “the mystery blogger award (ii, iii & iv)

  1. No drink packets?!
    I would possibly die. Literally, I don’t even drink plain water. I know that sounds sooooo bad, but water’s just so disgusting to me. And flavor packets aren’t very expensive or unhealthy.

    Anyway, I enjoyed reading your answers! I think we look for the same thing in a friend. (Minus the music part. My friends have different tastes in music, and that’s perfectly fine with me!) Thanks for nominating me again!

    Bleeding Love is soooo nostalgic. Like, so much so to where I only vaguely remember hearing it played on the radio when I was like…5?

    Liked by 1 person

    • yup, no drink packets! 😂
      ahh, i know a few people who can’t drink water. i honestly don’t understand that myself, because water doesn’t really taste of anything – it’s just refreshing in my opinion xd. but, hey, it’s a good thing you have flavour packets then i guess, at least you can stay hydrated 😉

      thanks! ahh yes (weeell, i wasn’t serious that all my friends need to have the same music tastes. i mean, your’s are veryy different but they’re still epic! & it’s 100% fine with me too ❤ ) no problem!

      yassss, it's so weird to hear EVERY TIME. i will never get over the nostalgia. i actually heard somewhere that leona lewis can't sing even sing the really high notes in that song anymore…?

      anyways, thanks a bunch for reading & commenting, diamond! :))

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I literally had so much to say while reading this but I can’t remember any of it… lemme gather my thoughts here. *straightens tie*
    Carrying purses around *is* a total pain. That’s why I like sweatshirt pockets, lol. But then again, if I carrying to many thing in it, I look seriously fat. 😂😂
    I have finally found someone who is as non-self motivated as I am. *uNiTeD*
    UGH NO i 100% read this whole post because nothing you write could ever be boring. ❤
    Also thank you for tagging me and i looovveee the questions! *cracks knuckles*

    Liked by 2 people

    • ahaha, no worries, that happens a LOT with me.
      yesyesyes, i will carry as much as i possibly can to get out of carrying a bag… it’s just an annoyance. but, yes, sometimes i do go tooo far & look oddly overweight.
      woooohoooooo *much celebration* 😂😂
      awh, that’s so sweet of you to say. you’re welcome, kenechi ❤❤

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you so much for the tag! Heh, I don’t even think I know thirty bloggers. XD Honestly, I’ve written a lot of strange stories but one was My Little Pony Fan-fiction, so I think that wins. I have no idea for my favorite place on earth is – I guess I haven’t been to enough places. 😛 And yes, I am very ready for spring.

    Liked by 1 person

    • no problem, enni. haha same… if i did i have no idea how i’d keep up with so many blogs :v. oooh, i’ve never read any my little pony fanfiction (let alone been INTo my little pony at all xDDD). lol, same here, very VERY ready for spring.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Alright yes to all the pictures in this post. The greenery is so gorgeous and is making me want the summer.
    I had no idea kool-aid is not available…! Wherever you are! There are so many American things that I figure the whole world has access to. How naive. xD
    Girl there’s nothing cringey about a onerepublic obsession don’t apologiiiiize
    Also thanks for the nomination! I’m a ‘you’! 😀 hahahhh I may have to do it. No idea when I did a tag last…

    Liked by 1 person

    • aww thanks. i miss summer so much.
      lolol yeah, i’d never even heard of it until a few months back tbh.
      haha, well, let’s say it was very, VERY cringey. also, was that pun?? because if it was, it’s SO good & now apologize is stuck in my head.
      haha, you’re most welcome :))


  5. YAS cypress & co! she’s in my earbuds right now .. how on earth does she only have 11k monthly listeners??
    anyway, this was SO FUN to read! you are NOTTTT an uninteresting person sarah … don’t u dare say that.
    and wow i can relate to a lot of those (besides the drink packets… caprisuns are SO GOOD i must ship you one somehow) … especially people being genuine. people who are always 100% themselves are my favorite people … I really hope i always stay true to myself XDD
    and … it pains me to say … but once as a 12 year old i started writing a fanfic about the app Clash of Clans. that was one of my lowest moments, don’t worry xddd
    i don’t do tags … yet … although this was so fun so i’m seriously tempted … so i’ll answer them here for now ;))
    1) yes pineapples on pizza 2) if fate is the same thing as God’s providence, yesyesyes 3) hmmm maybe to change little things that sit in the back of my mind 4) i feel 18 … although i’m not there yet. but it’s scarily soon. 18 is scary and i’m already scared now about the future XDD 5) my guitar+ukulele+piano+drums, my bible, and my record player+records+record-brush+extra-needle (because i must take good care of my record player)
    alright, i’ll end this 39050923 mile comment.
    Do more of these!! ❤ ❤ ❤
    power to the local dreamer ||-//

    Liked by 1 person

    • well what a surprise coming from you, jul! 😂😂 but, i greatly approve of your listening choice. omw, i have NO IDEA… she deserves more.
      thanks… & awww, that’s not true but whatever… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
      ahaha, that’s another *surprise* lolol. (ooo, we have drink packets. but not powder drink packets xddd. does that even make sense? like, we have what TOP were drinking in the stressed out video (ugh, why am i always using TOP to explain myself 🤣)) also, samesamesame, i just get along wayyy better with the most genuine people.
      oh xdddd, that’s funny. i’ve actually never even play clash of clans so i have 100% no idea what it’s like.
      yep, i understand, that’s fine. but i love reading your replies anyway :))
      OH MY GOODNESS, i relate so much. except i don’t feel 18 – i always feel younger than myself & idk why xddd. plus i have to get myself a record player (OOO, btw, i got my first vinyl the other day!!) & a uke… & a drumkit… & a piano xddd, but if i *did* have those things my answer would be the same lolol.
      thanks for reading jul ❤ ❤ ❤ ||-//


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  7. okay
    one i love your answers

    pineapples on pizza are a terror and the reason for everything wrong in this world as we know it
    i half believe in fate, half yes, there’s a plan for my life that i don’t even know, but also half no, we make our choices and what happens happens
    i would change it. oh man, i’d change a lot of things. but then i’d secondguess myself and make it worse, so i would do neither to begin with.
    i feel a lot like seventeeeeeeeeeen sorry i had to use that i don’t really i feel like all i do is exist
    three?? eeeep my letters, my books, and everything that my pen pals/best friends gave me. does that count? idk?

    Liked by 1 person

    • okay
      one, thankyouthankyou *bows*

      jooooooo! nuuuuu. howwww? whaaaaa? *stares in complete confusion* i honestly can’t believe i’m hearing this. pineapples on pizza is amazing 😂
      hmm, i get what you mean. i’d alway say i do believe in fate IF it’s the same thing as God’s providence.
      i relate so much to that answer… it actually pretty scary to think about.
      yes, everything that your friends gave you counts… only because i’d want to do the same thing lol

      Liked by 1 person

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