sahlo folina // fanfic

inspired by the events of trench and blurryface

death inspires me like a dog inspires a rabbit

she just wanted some time. some time alone. time to escape from everyone and everything, even the thoughts in her own head!

she ran down the wet and empty road, guided only by the moonlight. she ran as if something vile chased after her – and the fact is, someone was. someone who no one else seemed to notice trailing behind her as he followed in vociferous silence. his name was death

when would he strike? for her whole life she had lived in fear of him. death ran after her, leaving her to pursue some kind of freedom that she hoped could save her soul.

along the road she ran. when was the end? did the end exist? or would death catch her before she reached it?

sometimes quiet is violent

her soaking wet trousers clung to her legs. tears constantly ran down her face, because her life was entirely lived in fear; or at least, what she remembered of it. she’d lost so many memories over time that now her life just felt empty. the road was pretty quiet, apart from the occasional moments when she disturbed a puddle of rain water. she hated silence, it made her feel uncomfortable and full of terror.

she was afraid. because, right now, everything was silent. she prepared for the worst, but remained running.

i’m flying from a fire

just then, a high pitched sound burst into action. where it was coming from, she had no idea. it grew louder. bright lights began to flash, destroying her perception. she saw images. a car flashed before her eyes, driving down a cold and wet road. the car seemed familiar, as did the road for that matter. she stopped in her tracks, mesmerized. but no sooner had she stopped, than her vision was clouded by smoke. hot, burning flames encircled her. a hooded figure appeared before her, approaching her. her greatest fear confronted her. she dropped to her knees, cowering in terror. a sea of panic and confusion washed over her. with tears running down her grubby face, she turned to look away, refusing to acknowledge the figure or even look him in the eyes. 

lights they blink to me, transmitting things to me

the moment she looked away, a cloud of misty brightness surrounded her. memories that she’d long forgotten all of a sudden returned to her at this moment of despair. strange symbols shot past her. she heard voices that she almost recognised calling her name over loud hisses and grunts. she envisioned a tall, stone statue before her. everything was too familiar. the light blinded her, but in growing terror she looked right into the yellow beaming light. maybe they didn’t forget her, even when she’d doubted them. with her eyes still set on the light, she filled up her lungs and screamed, desperate for help. her shrill voice overcame every sound that surrounded her. thunder rumbled and the earth shook at her voice. she didn’t know where they were but they’d come and find her. but right now, there was only question that escaped from her mouth: “can you save…?”  

can you save my heavydirtysoul?

she blinked. they were gone. the car, the fire and the hooded figure, gone. 

everything was silent apart from the wind whistling. she sat in the centre of that same wet and empty road, but it was daylight. hesitantly, she glanced behind her, expecting to meet the hooded figure again. but no, he was nowhere to be seen. nothing lay before her apart from the two yellow painted lines that divided the road. she sighed heavily, rose to her feet and gazed around. she was at once captivated by the bright and warm gleaming light in the sky. yes, she knew it was named the sun – many people had mentioned this sight before, but she’d never witnessed it; where she was from, there was no sun.

the wind picked up again, flower petals scattered in the breeze, dancing round her. loud hissing sounded from the sky and the girl immediately looked up to encounter two vultures circling above.

she collapsed back onto the ground, weak and beaten down. she lifted up her eyes and spotted people in the distance. groups of people approaching her, bearing torches. they hadn’t forgotten her.

perhaps now she’d have the time.

in trench you’re not alone ||-//

dedicated to jul, because she was the first person to read this and she encouraged me so much, not only in this piece, but in writing overall. thanks twinnie ❤ (i think because of you, i might continue this story even further)

-sarah xx

9 thoughts on “sahlo folina // fanfic

  1. sarahhhh!!! this. was. GORGEOUS.
    my absolute favorite part is that even with the song lyrics, you don’t realize that she’s escaped to trench until the very end. all of a sudden the realization hits you and it’s the most mind-blowing feeling— i live for that feeling.
    i could feel all the emotions and struggles too — you captured them so vividly ! this is the best trench fanfic i’ve ever read … i need a sequel!!
    and gahhh thank you so much for the shout-out … it means the world. it’s crazy to think how different life would be if i had never read this story … ya know? little things end up meaning the most in the end i guess. God is so good ❤
    power to the local dreamer ||-//

    Liked by 1 person

    • jullll!!! i. am. SPEECHLESS.
      thank you, thank you, thank you SO MUCH!
      you’re welcome for the mention. this story means so much to me, only because it led me to get to know you <333 God is very, very good indeed ||-//


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