travelling tips – packing {collab with diamond}


back in november, diamond – one of my favourite lifestyle bloggers (check her blog out) – and i contacted each other about collabing. we planned a few, one of which was our christmas collab. diamond and i discovered that one of the things we have in common is our love for travel. so, today, i’m bringing you part two of a travel tips/ideas collab! be sure to check out diamond’s half because i’m leaving a link at the end of my post. go hit it when you’re done here.

anyways, let’s dive straight into our post, shall we?

so basically, i’m just explaining how i prep for travel, how i travel and then i’ll talk a little on what i do once i get on vacation. i’ll just be giving a few tips, some of which are probably fairly obvious, but hey, it helps to refresh our memory from time to time, right? anyways, firstly, we’ll begin where most people would – packing!

-it’s okay to wear clothes a couple days in a row.
alright, let’s just agree that it’s a nightmare to stay under your luggage limit when flying. one of our biggest problems is bringing too much clothing – especially since a lot of hotels don’t have places where you can do your laundry. but hey, it’s totally okay to wear the same t-shirt for a few days. now, i know that when we’re on vacation where we’ll be hanging around with the same people, we don’t wanna seem like we live in the same clothing all the time XD. if you’re worried about giving that impression, trying wearing the same t-shirt every other day and do the same with others. guys, people probably wouldn’t even notice, or perhaps assume you’ve had access to a washing machine. this way, you’ll save up so much space in your case.

-bring ziplocks or you may regret it!
okay? bring them. try sealing everything liquid/easily leakable that you’re packing into ziplocks. that includes perfumes, face creams, soaps… you name it. the last thing you wanna find is a leaked tube of toothpaste oozing all over your packed clothes.

-never bring brand new shoes on vacation.
just don’t. make sure your shoes are already broken in before you bring them. you won’t know just how comfortable your shoes really are until you’ve already got some wear out of them. okay, be practical here. you don’t want to absolutely wreck your feet on vacation.

-bring a battery pack as well as a cable.
it is always more practical to bring a battery pack because not always will you be able to find a socket to plug into. also, on a side note, try to get a battery pack that lasts *more* than two charges. some phone batteries are different and use more power, so to be fully charged it may take something more like one and a half charges.

-pack a metal/plastic water bottle.
you can’t always rely on being able to buy water when you’re travelling and sometimes you’ve gotta find water yourself. plus, you’ll be able to bring more water on the plane between a store-bought water bottle and an extra one, i guess. as i said, bring a water bottle, but a flask could work too.

-bring along an extra tote bag.
even if you don’t need it going on vacation, it may come in handy later. who knows? you may buy a bunch of souvenirs/gifts for friends back home only to find there’s no space left in your luggage. that would suck, right? so bring along an extra bag that you can just lug onto the plane as hand-luggage.

-mark your travel-case.
be sure to put some identifiable sticker/assessory along with your contact details on your suitcase. the last thing you want is to find you’ve acccidentally taken someone else’s luggage who just happened to have the same case as you.

-wear your bulkiest clothes on the flight.
baggy jumpers, joggers, boots… wear all the bulkiest clothing so as to save up room in you luggage.

-but make sure the boots aren’t tight fitting.
because of the air pressure and also from sitting in the same position for the whole of your flight, your feet are likely to perhaps swell up a little. wearing tight shoes/boots mightn’t be a good idea.

-bring along some gum.
we all know the air pressure can really hurt our ears too, right? keeping our jaw in motion can really help with that so remember to bring along a packet of chewing gum onto your flight.

-there’s really no point in travel face masks, just saying.
i know with the coranavirus everyone is rushing to get these, but there’s actually no proof that they keep germs away in the first place. plus, once you get germs inside them you’ll be breathing them in anyway, especially when you’re keep having to adjust them. honestly, they’re just an excuse for k-pop fans to copy the korean streetfashion XD.

-don’t forget ’em sound-cancelling earbuds.
even though you mightn’t plan on listening to music during your flight. but some passengers can be unbearably loud and noisy, so those sound-cancelling earbuds might come in handy, especially if you’re wanting a snooze.

-make memories and never forget them.
if you’re a music lover like myself, i recommend creating a playlist of all the songs you hear a lot/fall in love with whilst being on vacation. music can bring back some of greatest memories. honestly, that playlist will bring back so much nostalgia.

now that’s the greatest tip i can give you. this is your vacation, enjoy it. it’s not the time to worry about things back home, your job or even school. relax, even during travel. travelling should be enjoyable. you deserve a break.

and that’s everything for today. i hope you enjoyed reading through this. now, you must go check out diamond’s half of the collab. hit the link right below:

Traveling Tips – Journaling

@I Have 12% Of A Plan

diamond’s post is about some other travelling subjects, one of which includes travel journaling and that’s literally the coolest thing ever so goooo read it!

anyways, thanks so much for reading. what are some of your favourite travelling tips?

~sarah xx

10 thoughts on “travelling tips – packing {collab with diamond}

  1. Love this!!! Some of these are relevant to travelling the UK on a tenner a day for ten months so I appreciated those haha and others I will bear in mind for when I get the chance to travel internationally or at least not in a tiny campervan 😂💕 xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sarahhhhh you did such a great job! These are honestly so helpful … I need this checklist the next time i go traveling! *especially the gum one because air pressure can mess with me sometimes xddd*
    but honestly … these are awesome! i’m gonna go and save this for when i travel to my aunt’s wedding! ❤
    power to the local dreamer ||-//


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