i will let the wind go quietly // collaboration

​my eyes widen as i see the discord messages light up the screen. my friend, jul (author of the flood. blog), is currently texting me with the idea of a collab she’s had. it’s a genius idea; a series of writers take the same lyric from the song hometown by twenty øne piløts and create whatever piece of art it will inspire them to write.

music works like magic on the soul. the way the instruments are played and the way the lyrics are perfectly married to the music can really touch people in many different ways. music can inspire the sparks of encouragement, uplifting joy and motivating ideas from deep within us. what’s fascinating is just how many ideas only one song can set into action. with jul’s collaboration idea, we could experiment and see what one lyric, used as a prompt, could inspire in several writer’s minds. so, a trinity of writers were chosen – jul, myself and clara (author of the blog, midnight mind). the three of us, as avid music-lovers, were ecstatic to begin work on our project.

it was really out of this world to see the power of music work right throughout the collab. it was magical how we could take someone’s piece of art (i.e. tyler joseph’s lyrics from hometown) and weave out a completely unique new piece/form of art from it. the very act of creation is incredible.  

now, around a month since jul sent me that text, the project has come together perfectly. i was very much honoured to work along not only two of the greatest writers i know, but also two of the greatest friends i have. a most massive thank you goes to jul for asking me to join in!

as this is a three part collab, the pieces will be posted on three different websites. links will be included at the end of the post.

so, now, i have the honour of presenting you with clara’s richly-worded and elegantly-written sketch below. enjoy:

a shadow tilts its head at me, spirits in the dark are waiting / i will let the wind go quietly, i will let the wind go quietly.

hometown, twenty øne piløts

It is 1:44 AM, and you are sitting on the dark living room floor, leaning against the couch and waiting for your sister to finish her shower. The emptiness of the room seems to press close around you, and vague shapes loom in place of the furniture, their shadows leaning heavy against your shoulders. You are thinking about the drive home tonight, about the rain-soaked interstate blurring outside your window, about letting deep exhaustion pull you under and waking up so foggy and tired and vaguely aware of reality, about watching yourself through a swirling cloud of gray.

Here in the stillness of home, the cloud still lingers behind your eyelids, reminding you that no matter what your mind tries to convince you of, you are not quite yourself at this hour. You close your eyes and focus, making yourself notice every sound that breathes in the shadows. The refrigerator hums and grumbles to itself, the dryer buzzes, a ceiling fan whispers, and the floors shift and sigh—all of these sounds mixing with the muted, erratic heartbeat of a midnight rainstorm.

Raindrops thump gently against the side of the house and dance across the puddled ground, making soft splashing noises in the darkness. In the faint reflection of the kitchen light, every drop of water is illuminated against the living room windows, hundreds of shining teardrops that slide and shrink and swirl together to create an abstract painting across the glass.

At your feet, the air conditioning releases a final sigh of warm air into the room before fading into silence. In the new quiet, a sudden image floods your mind—the waitress at the restaurant tonight, the one with blue glasses and a pink sweatshirt and the softest, easiest smile, the kind that you ached to photograph. You wish you had told her that she had a wonderful laugh.

It’s a small thought, fleeting and unimportant, but something about its light is like a gentle wind, causing the clouds to drift aside. In an instant, an overwhelming sort of gratefulness pierces something deep and true beneath your heart.

You don’t deserve any of the beautiful things that you’ve been lucky enough to experience.

It is 2:16 AM, and the thought is so warm and comforting that you feel as if you could stay right here forever, eyes on the rain-soaked window, mind on the beauty of it all, just listening to the storm as it sings itself to sleep.

read my piece on the flood. HERE

read jul’s piece on midnight mind HERE

22 thoughts on “i will let the wind go quietly // collaboration

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  2. clara – this seems to melt through my head and saturate every single part of me with the softest, most-content-yet-vulerable feeling. somehow silence always reminds me that there is no silence, and that there’s beauty in the smallest, quietest sounds. somehow your writing always makes me appreciate something that needs to be appreciated more. *please never stop doing that*
    sarah — your intro was a PERFECT descripton of the beauty of this project and of music and inspiration and lyrics! lyrics are the most special of writing because they are woven into sounds – and their identity is forever tied to them. you captured it all perfectly ❤ ❤ ❤
    thank you – both of you – for making this so special! ❤ ❤ ❤

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    • jul, i agree with everything you just said – clara has such a way with words and i dig it :))
      thank you, i’m glad you enjoyed the intro (altho it was nothing compared to yours haha). yuss, indeed, lyrics are truly amazing.
      no, thank YOU jul… this was your idea! thank you for that ❤ ❤ ❤

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  4. I really love how individual the introductions are.

    Your piece was spooky Sarah.

    I loved this writing Clara. It’s amazing how the little things can make such a difference.

    Keep writing!

    Love, light, and glitter

    Liked by 2 people

    • yes, it is amazing how ONE song can inspire MANY unique pieces of art… it will forever blow my mind.

      yess, i agree, the little things make SUCH a difference – clara is such a great writer.

      thanks for reading and commenting, eliza! your words are much appreciated ||-//

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      • You’ve a great blog, and your taste in music, well it mirrors mine a while ago, now the music I listen to is more hopeful (the songs you said you liked in a comment on your about page, which I loved- your about page. Whatever, let’s hope this is making sense).

        It’s awesome how everyone sees something different in a few words, how they speak differently and uniquely.

        Love, light, and glitter

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      • thank you SO much,, i love yours too! ah, you mean NF? i understand what you mean and i’d personally call my playlist a balance between positive and not-so-positive music,,, a happy medium i guess. (nono, you’re making sense alright… i’m just hoping that i am right now haha)

        ah yes, i definitely love how awesome that is too. it’s really fantastic 🙂 ||-//

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  5. Beautiful!! Just beautiful ❤ ❤ that's all…..what a wonderful post Clara, I really like your sense of writing, this whole collaboration was an honor to read, you guys all write and tell stories beautifully!! Using music lyrics as a guideline to help you tell these great stories was pretty creative, so great job all of you, I really enjoyed reading these, thank you all for sharing and giving us something to feel and understand!!

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  6. first of all– this idea is GENIUS?? twenty one pilots make the best writing inspiration because there are so many different ways you could contrive the meaning if a single line. i’m in love with that ❤

    this is sososo beautiful! clara's writing described that melancholy feeling so well and i *actually* started to tear up. gah, this was just so beautifully portrayed and written that you could just feel the emotion in every word. it's amazing how a single memory can bring upon an onset of warmth amongst all that is wrong. "i will let the wind go quietly" — will always have a special place in my heart ❤

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