be still / we’re in this together


it’s hard not to get absolutely downcast with all the negative goings on in life lately. honestly, the world’s turned mental over these past weeks. but, you know what? we’re still here, we’re still breathing and the earth is still in one piece. as long as we’re still in this together, we’re going to make it through this and we’re gunna be alright. that’s the main thing, things will be okay in the end. i know some of you (especially some of my good friends reading this) are finding this an incredibly scary situation to live through, but i hope you will never stop trusting in the Creator in times like these, my friends.

it is very sad to hear about the deaths covid19 has caused; so saddening indeed. i definitely hope each one of my dear readers stays safe at these times.

​​but, during terrible times like these i always have the urge to not let it get me down – sometimes i don’t, other times i honestly don’t care and give into the feeling. but this time i refuse to get down and give into fear and panic. i refuse.

i admit, the coronavirus isn’t showing us much mercy. one of the most special events of my life that was zooming so close to actually happening was cancelled. other events sound like they’re on the verge of being cancelled too, i can’t visit my grandma now and yesterday we were put into quarantine! but being downcast won’t make the situation any better, i know this. so, we’ve got to stay strong and positive with each other. we’ve got to realise that others are actually in much worse conditions and we have so much to be grateful for. and hey, maybe quarantine won’t be so bad.

to look on the bright side of things, spring is finally here. the sun is shining and the air is pleasant. i actually went to the park on sunday without even having to wear a coat and the perfect breeze felt wonderful brushing my bare arms and running through my messy hair. the atmosphere contained hope all around me. it all felt so familiar and it was like finally embracing a close family member who’d just returned from a year long trip. standing in the shade of a tall tree that day, overlooking the still and fresh life which grew about me, made me realise that the entirety of the world is not totally bad right now.

maybe now is the chance to just be still and notice the good that is still left before us. i’m thinking that it’s about time i stop checking the news every ten minutes. i don’t want to know how many cases this pandemic has caused in my area – not in a harsh way but because it gets me down. now that i take a moment to stop stressing i see that under the wild chaos on this planet right now, there’s a calm and pleasant hopeful undertone of life. there are still those special people and things in my life right now that are so easily being buried by the fear of this haunting virus. but perhaps i should take a moment, just to be still in this fast-paced world, just to appreciate those special things. life feels so much warmer with them.

with the idea of quarantine ahead, it makes me think of how much time we really have on our hands. maybe that’s a good thing. and instead of wasting our time panicking and stressing we could put it to good use. so, currently, i’m trying to put stress behind me. i’m on the search for the little small quirks in life that give us comfort. so, you can find me hiding under a blanket reading a novel (slowly crawling out of a reading slump). you can find me fingerstyling random wee songs on my guitar. you can find my artistic side overflowing with ink and paint messily tattooing my fingers. you can find me mentally frying my brain trying to work out made-up stories and concepts. you can find me reworking on my dying art instagram (FINALLY). you can find me soaking up sunlight in the backyard, perhaps with a camera around my neck. you can find me unleashing my creativity and trying to learn as much new stuff as possible. (and you may find me shooting more music videos again. maybe.) you know what? i’m just going to try to keep marching on through life, though the tragic events that the world is bathed in and into the hopeful sunrise.

so, maybe we need to slow down and realise what good things still remain with us. i’m not denying the fact that this IS a difficult situation for all of us. but that’s the thing, we’re in this all together and we’re going to make it out of this together.

just be still. take the time to notice the bright side of life. just be still and let the warmth of spring and the special things of life encircle you. be still in this fast-pace world and know that all is not lost. all is not lost.

~sarah xx

17 thoughts on “be still / we’re in this together

  1. Hi Sarah!
    Wow!! This is AWESOME! I’m glad you are not panicking about the coronavirus!! Since everything is being cancelled now is a great time to spend more time with your family and do things you like! I REALLY loved your post! CAN’T WAIT to read more of them!! 😆

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    • hey veronica!
      ah thank you, THANK YOU, so much. indeed, this is so true and i was so happy to hear from jul that y’all seem to spending more time with each other too. i hope you enjoy the time doing the special things you love as well :))
      gahhh veronica, you’re so sweet. thanks a bunch for reading! ❤

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  2. oh my goodness YES YES YES
    and YES
    it’s really so sad, so very tragic that all these lives are being lost. it must be a terrifying time for people who are at risk, and the things that we have to sacrifice are worth it for them.
    and it’s also tragic how many special things are being cancelled or postponed for other people. we can let it get us down … or we can as you, said … zoom out and just live and become more of ourselves in this break from life. *is it weird that you can find me doing the exact same things as you mentioned? *
    sarah – you’ve summed it up perfectly! this is the mentality we all need to face this isolation, and we can do it with God’s grace!
    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
    power to the local dreamer ||-//

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    • yes, it’s so very tragic indeed. i will most definitely be praying for both those in risk and those who have lost loved ones. it is a really scary world to live in right now, but we’ll make it through :)) the sun is shining outside and i think today will be a great day to just chill in the garden and do something creative (like drawwww xD) – spend some time away from the negatives in the world right now.
      *no, this is not weird at alllll, you are my twin after all haha*
      aw thank you jul sis! but, yes, only with God’s grace ❤❤❤ ||-//

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  3. hey Sarah i am one of your new followers and i really like your blog posts they are amazing!!! the way you describe things is amazing!!! and thank you for following me..btw i heard you through vrose08 🙂
    by blog actually has a password and if you want to read it here is the password……………agooseidea
    can not wait to see more of your blogs


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  4. i always love finding your posts in my reader and this was no exception ❤ the positivity in your words was much needed and with everything that's been going on, it's sorta hard to find the light y'know? but like you said, we're still here and we're creating, and it's sososo beautiful! ayyy, join the quarantine club sarah! we can't exactly *go* anywhere, but we ~always~ have friends and hope and warmth in the little, wonderful moments of life ❤ we have each other and so many other people and if we stick together, we'll make it out for sure.

    p.s. umm, i would absolutely lOvE to see you shooting music videos!? it's so awesome that you've done that; which songs??

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