lately 31.03.20


i’m sitting in the kitchen, it’s half three in the afternoon. my brothers are in the next room on the playstation and i’m right here, on the laptop, with wordpress up, listening to music. the aroma of dinner being prepared is floating throughout the room. there’s a lot on my mind currently and i thought just writing a new blog post would make a good distraction. so, what about another lately post? i haven’t written one since before christmas and i’m currently bored anyway.

-i’ve taken up painting. the process of creating a picture has really been quite ​cathartic to be honest, so i’m enjoying it. i painted these disks (tributes to albums: twentyønepiløts, vessel, blurryface and trench (i have yet to think of one for regional at best)) for my bedroom wall. now i want to paint like, sixty more to cover the whole wall…

-i also painted this jar (oop it’s twentyønepiløts themed again…). it’s actually surprisingly easy to paint on glass, as long as the paint is acrylic and you spray the jar with something like hairspray afterwards (to stop the paint from flaking off). now i’m so obsessed with painting, i want to paint everything i own. right now, i’m honestly so desperate to paint my high-tops.

-speaking of shoes, i did transform these super old running shoes. i was literally just messing with two black and purple sharpie markers and coloured in my shoes, i guess…. have you ever painted/drawn on your shoes?

pc: clara
jul, i’ll send this one as soon as i possibly can

-here’s some of the artsy stuff i made for a few friends recently – some envelope art and some lyrical art based off their favourite songs. but, because of covid and quarantine, i can’t walk to the post office so much anymore. so, i guess those are the last letters i’ll be writing for awhile now *sighs*.

-i’ve been trying to work on phone photography too. it’s really something i want to improve, although i prefer taking photos with my actual camera, using the phone is fun too. there’s a few shots i took lately (before quarantine).

here’s some of the very random songs i’ve been listening to a lot over the last month:

one more light - linkin park
note to self - ben rector
november - sleeping with sirens
no time to die - billie eilish
six feet under - billie eilish
afraid of heights (reprise) - billy talent
taxi cab - twentyønepiløts
die alone - finneas
circles - pierce the veil
human. - judah & the lion
brothers in arms (from mad max: fury road) - junkie xl
end of the line (from the winter soldier) - henry jackman

and that’s it, i guess. i’ve also been sketching a ton lately, but i intend to do a proper art dump real soon – stay tuned for that! what have you been up to lately? started any new hobbies to stay occupied during the quarantine? favourite song(s) as of late?

~sarah xx

27 thoughts on “lately 31.03.20

  1. Ooh, I want a PlayStation.
    Anyway, I love your paintings! They’re so beautiful.
    I’ve been reading a lot(finished the Hobbit!).
    I also discovered a few new songs. You might actually like Bebe Rehxa(but stick to the songs that aren’t singles, I really like Sad,) also Dua Lipa just came out with a new album. (I like Levitating and Hallucinate).

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    • haha, we have playstation 2, which is fairly olddd but my brothers love it anyway :))
      thank you so much, diamond!
      oooh, that is so cool. congrats on finishing it, it took me foreverrrr to finish haha. i’m still reading Duty Calls right now.
      that’s amazing, finding new songs to get obsessed with is great. i heard about dua lipa’s new album, but i’ve never actually heard a full song from it. i’ll check out sad now.
      thanks for reading!

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      • It appears we have the same PlayStation then!😂 Seriously though, my dad’s been looking at new PlayStations and X-Box’s, so maybe!🤞
        It took me a little over a week, but partially because I didn’t have much else to do.
        Yeah. There’s a lot on the album I don’t like(I think like, 3-4 songs have some explicit language, but I haven’t actually heard those ones) but some of it’s cool. Let me know what you think of it!
        And of course, if you post, I’m going to read!

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      • oh really? that’s funny. anyways, i hope y’all get a new one, that’d be neat.
        oh haha, makes sense xD
        ohhh okie. and i did listen to sad, to be honest i’ve always found bebe rexa very cliche compared most pop music but the song wasn’t bad. but in my opinon her best song (which *i’ve* heard so far) is So Am I.
        aw, thank you, that’s so sweet of you to say!

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      • So am I is by Ava Max though? I love that song. The one that goes like “do you ever feel like a misfit,”

        They’re both platinum blonde Albanian singers though, so it’s easy to mix them up.

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  2. The pictures of the sunset are so beautiful! ✨ All of your art is simply AMAZING, especially that first envelope art. I recently started a bullet journal for the first time and that’s mostly what I’ve been up to today, it’s been so long since I’ve gotten lost in drawing and I had forgotten how therapeutic it can be. Great post! Take care 💕

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    • thank you elsie! you’re very kind.
      oooh, i bullet journal too from time to time (when i actually remember to and don’t procrastinate :PP) and i agree, it certainly is therapeutic. i’m glad you’ve found something to occupy yourself with. thank you, you too

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  3. sarah- you’re so creative in everything you do and i love that so much!! i’m low-key lOvInG the idea abt. painting jars filled with song lyrics. i would love to just paint twenty of those and decorate them around my garden! while i haven’t been playing on my playstation, i’m playing games on my wii (i must be the only kid ever who still uses it xD)! still, the prospect of writing while listening to music sounds forever more magical >.<

    AND I DO HAVE RECS oh my gosh ok. i've been listening to quite a bit of all time low and twenty one pilots (ofc) and i think that they're my favorite band… ever. there's a song by radiohead i love called "street spirit"– have you listened to any of their music? i listened to "one more light" and it made me tear up… it was so emotional and painful, yet soso beautiful. but "brother in arms" says that everything will be alright- more than alright, and the motivation is just pumping through my blood! the impact music can make on someone is aWESOME.

    i checked out your music vids, and i love "bandito" so much! your editing represented what i think of when i listen to the song- all the little moments coming together to represent something greater and more profound. "trauma" also rly hit close to heart, and oh my gosh i can't wait to see you make more!

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    • oh my goodness, vaish, your comments are always some of my very favourites to read – they really put a huge smile on my face. thank you! ahh yeah, i totally get that feeling and i’m certianly going to be painting more. it’s also so funny that you mention a wii, because i just found out what one was yesterday… seriously xD. and that is sO true.

      YESSSS. i know those bands too (okay, TOP is fairly obvious rofl)… i wouldn’t be massively into all time low at the moment because, well, i find their music kinda mainstream lately. BUT i still love to jam to their older stuff especially. i know *some* of radiohead, i’ll check that one out. and i agree with everything you just said about those songs. you’re so right – the impact of music on one’s soul is mindblowing.

      aw really? thank you so much for that. your words really mean so much to me, they really do. thank you vaish x

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  4. I love the drawings, paintings and photos. Best of all I love your trainers! Awesome idea… it rejuvenated the old…
    Keep at it, you keep getting better…
    Love, light, and glitter

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    • oh eliza, thank you! and yes – i’m a little obsessed with renovating my old belonging… mostly because i hate throwing stuff away haha
      aw, that means so much. thank you,,, i will try to :))

      take care!

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  5. eeeee sarah i love these little updates!
    man, you have kept creative during this time … i love seeing each new project and you are full of SO MANY AMAZING ART IDEAS (queen)
    also — I had no idea letters could be so beautiful. i literally had no idea envelope art EXISTED and now i can see that it’s literally an art — yours are GORGEOUS ❤ ❤ ❤ I can't believe I will hold that in my hand one day :0
    and your phone photography … it's so awesome! honestly quick little shots of beautiful moments like that are some of my favorite kinds of photography ❤ they're like little memory capsules 😛
    i can't wait to see what you've been sketching lately too … i already know it's gonna be amazing ❤
    power to the local dreamer ||-//

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    • eeeee and i love your little comments, jul!
      haha, i’ve tried my best. THANK YOU SO MUCH (nu, not a queen *winks*).
      ahh, envelope art is truly amazing. i was only introduced to it last spring, and goodness, now i’m hooked lol. i can’t wait for you to have your letter either.
      “memory capsules”,,, i love that description so much. weeell, i really love how you describe everything to be honest ❤
      ah jul, thank you! and thanks for your wondermous comment – it was really sweet (as always) ❤❤❤ ||-//

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  6. Okay I really want to draw on my shoes now except that they’re all black. XD There is that pair of brown combat boots that I never wear (because goodness they hurt so bad) but I have a high suspicion that my mom would murder me if I were to do anything drastic to them.

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