lost without you

“lost without you” is the only freya ridings song i actually listen to. but, it is beautifully sung with elegant lyrics and music. the song takes me to WWII times – i imagine a young couple by the train station, the saddened wife is biding her husband goodbye as he leaves for war. it’s only then that she realises how strong her love is for him, especially as the question “will he ever make it home again?” is roaming throughout her mind. at least, that’s the story i fabricated from it and now it is concreted into my mind whenever i sing it.

speaking of singing, it was only a few evenings ago that i remembered how i used that song for my vocal practice a few years back. that evening, i was bored and pondering over what i should do (i have discovered this happens a lot in quarantine). conflicted over whether to draw, write, read or paint, i ended up doing none of these things. to quench my boredom, i found myself in my bedroom, propped before a recorder, singing a karaoke cover to the quiet song. i would’ve played the keys myself, if only i was as talented as my brother, but no… he’s the master-piano-playing-dude of the family.

it was only the next evening that i found myself itching to be creative again. after much procrastinating, i grabbed my camera and wandered around the garden. after about an hour, i had a nice collection of random video snippets of the nature touching up our backgarden. by the end of the evening, these snippets were crammed into a visualizer/music video for my “lost without you” cover.

would you like to hear the cover? well, i have no idea what possessed me to do it, but – with nervousness shivering through my body – i uploaded the video to youtube. it certainly isn’t the best recording and it’s in no way professional, but i’d be grateful if you could check it out. i’m just an aspiring singer, so your pointers/feedback are much appreciated. here it is:

​and while i’m here, how’re you keeping in quarantine? please keep me updated, you can always chat to me in the comments.

~sarah xx

(also, on the topic of music, you should check out twentyønepiløts’ new single “level of concern”. it’s a great song for the current situation.)

8 thoughts on “lost without you

  1. You’re such an amazing singer! I mean, so many singers today use autotune, so even though you aren’t perfect yet, you still sound better than some professional singers!(*coughcoughselenagomezcough*)

    As you know, I’ve been reading while in quarantine. I finished Renegades yesterday! I also may have ordered a bunch of books from online…
    We also got an Xbox and are painting our walls.

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  2. is it possible that this is also the only freya ridings song I listen to, and I have also written a blog post featuring it? of course not. at this point there are no more surprises. it’s an accepted fact of the universe that we are the same person.
    but anyways, this. just beautiful. your voice is gorgeous and if you keep working at it, it will take you places one day. my mom said so too (if you think I’m making this up), without me even asking her, so don’t you even dare try and disagree.
    and I love the visuals! I forgot to mention that in the YouTube comment. your garden is filled with lovely things ❤️
    *and yesyesyes, stream level of concern. everyone stream level of concern. or I will sneak into your Spotify account and do it for you*
    power to the local dreamer ||-//

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    • haha, this is becoming inevitable, isn’t it? xD
      thank you, jul!! i, really don’t know what to say (please thank your mum for me). and ehehe, can we agree to disagree maybe? >.<
      *ahhh, great plan. EVERYONE STREAM LEVEL OF CONCERN*
      love ya sis ❤❤❤❤ ||-//

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