playlist swap {collab with kenechi @well… go read!}

hello. happy saturday! the other week, kenechi contacted me about collabing (by the way, if you don’t follow her already, you TOTALLY should be. kenechi is one of my favourite bloggers in the community 🖤). i was delighted to work with her, especially since she picked the theme of music for our collab. basically, we both sent each other seven songs to review on our blogs. this was so fun to work on together, so thank you, kenechi, for asking me to do this. i’m no music expert or anything, but it was just rad to write up my thoughts on each song.

so, let’s get started. (but remember to check out kenechi’s post afterwards)

The Gambler ~ fun.

so, this was an interesting listen. i really loved the piano in this and the whole song sounds like it belongs in a musicial in my opinion. honestly, i thought that musicial vibe was wonderful. my one thing was that it came across very repetitive by the end of it, but by the second listen i liked it a lot, lot better. i kinda adore the lyrics – they flow just like poetry.

Campus ~ Bastille

okay, my first thoughts on this song was that there was nothing special or unique about it. it sounded so typical. plus the chorus was pretty boring with a lack of well-written lyrics in my opinion. but, although i’m trying not to review this with a bias, i should probably admit i really do not like bastille‘s music. this is the first time i’ve heard “campus“, but i honestly find nothing special about it and it’s an easily forgettable song.

Rise ~ Jonas Blue, Jack & Jack

soooo, i don’t really know what to say about this. i never liked it from the moment i first heard it back in 2018. it’s such a sticky song… but by that, i mean in a really annoying way (to be honest, that’s probably the main reason as to why i despise it so much). i guess the positive overtone and the embrace on just being yourself rather than being cool is a great thing to have in music, but, other than that, i just find it to be an annoying pop song. (sorrrry, kenechi *hides*)

Colorful ~ Jukebox The Ghost

ah, alright, so my first thoughts on this song was just how much i’d love to hear a cover of this song on ukulele. the actual song is very upbeat compared to lot of my music, but that’s fine (honestly, i should find more upbeat songs anyway). i just think this was such a fun song. my only real dislike was the bridge to be honest. but i overall, i L O V E this song!

You Can Be You ~ Saint Motel

i wasn’t overly struck on this one. i mean, it wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t my thing. i liked the lyrics, except i felt as though they lacked something. honestly, i don’t know what else to say on this song, i guess i wasn’t too keen on it xD.

RAIN ~ Ben Platt

i’ve heard some of ben platt, but not much yet (mostly the dear evan hansen soundtrack). this song wasn’t bad… in fact it wasn’t bad at all! “in case you don’t live forever” is my very favourite by ben platt, but this one comes so close. it’s really good!

comethru ~ Jeremy Zucker

i get jeremy zucker recommended to me a lot on spotify. so, i checked out his stuff awhile back and this was the first song i heard by him. it’s really not a bad song, but it’s just not the type of song i can actually get into… if that makes sense. like, i got tired of it fairly easily. but it’s not that bad.

alright then, that’s my half of the collab over. honestly, i just rambled, so i recommend you should still check out the songs for yourself.

now you must check out kenechi’s half and see what songs i sent her. i tried to pick songs that she wouldn’t be as familiar with, but still fairly well-known songs/artists. to read up on her thoughts, hit the link below! to be honest, she made her post a lot, lot more interesting…

playlist swap collab with sarah

~sarah xx

22 thoughts on “playlist swap {collab with kenechi @well… go read!}

  1. Hey Sarah! Haha, don’t feel bad at all critcising these these songs. XP It’s interesting to see what other people think! Wonderful post, and don’t apologize for rambling becauseit’s much more interesting thatn mine. XDD

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  2. thoroughly enjoyed this whole collab! it’s interesting to see how people’s tastes vary so much 🙂 I like some songs by Saint Motel and one of my first loves was sight of the sun by fun. 🙂
    this is seriously a really cool collab idea – it should totally be a thing ❤️
    power to the local dreamer ||-//

    Liked by 3 people

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