Sketches n’ Such (part ii)

Hey friends!

I finally have another art dump prepared for you all. It’s been quite a while since I said I’d do my next art post, but I’ve finally got around to it. To be very honest, I expected to have made more art since my last dump than I really have in reality. But, I still have a fair portion of sketches and doodles to share with you, so, let’s get started! Before I get to my bigger sketches, I’ll start off by posting some art that was a little less time-consuming. (Also, I apologise for how dull a lot of these pictures turned out.) Here we go:

I drew this portrait QUITE a while back. I made it for one of my internet blogger pals on her birthday. Some of you may recognize her as the wonderful Gracie from A Light In The Darkness.

I actually don’t know who I drew in this picture; it’s just someone from my imagination, I guess. Can anyone give her a name? I want to give her a name, perhaps even an age and a profession…😂 Anyways, comment below and tell me what to call her.

A drawing of the one and only JoJo!

I may just be on a kick with a lot of the tracks off Future Nostalgia. So, of course, here’s some art I drew inspired by it.

I made these wee stickers for fun. If you’d like a printable copy of these stickers on a sheet, comment below and let me know (if I already have your email, I can send a copy your way). But, you can DM me on Instagram for them too.

I drew these for a good friend of mine. I just wanna cuddle that little pup.

I’ve been quite obsessed with doing these little ballpoint pen sketches. They’re very fun to work on. Here’s one I drew of my favourite scene from Endgame – wasn’t it amazing?!

It was Star Wars Day last week and Diamond had suggested drawing Baby Yoda before, so here’s a pen sketch I also made of The Child.

This is probably my favourite pen sketch – Max Rockatansky portrayed by Tom Hardy.

I’m kind of proud of how Thor turned out in this, but unfortunately Loki doesn’t quite look right – he looks like an elf 😏

And here’s one final ballpoint sketch.

This drawing is quite weird and unique, but I think the fact that I was very sleep deprived when I created it excuses the oddness about it…?

I’ve also been on quite a kick with Judah & The Lion these days (The obsession has lasted for almost half a year and I think my brother is somewhat tired of my constant playing of their music now…), so why not make some fanart? This piece was inspired by their song Best is Yet to Come. Oh, and Judah’s mum commented on the drawing on Instagram!

So, I saw a photo of a beautiful young woman peeking around a tree on Pinterest and instantly began using it as a drawing reference. The picture above is my recreation of the photo.

My parents got me some Copics for Christmas last year and I was experimenting around with them when I drew this eye. I’m kind of proud with how it turned out.

After drawing the tiger in my last art dump post, I decided to draw more animals. Wolves are another favourite animal of mine, so I knew I had to draw at least one eventually. Which do you prefer – wolves or tigers?

And of course, when will I ever stop creating twenty øne piløts fanart? Probably NEVER. I think this one of Josh Dun (inspired by the song, Holding on to You) is one my favourites I’ve worked on so far.

This drawing took SO long to finish. I think I worked on it over the space of something like nine days. I was fairly happy with the final piece in the end, but it took a lot of patience to complete.

And here’s my last picture for today – two of my favourite Marvel characters and one of my favourite Marvel quotes all in one drawing! This one also had a lot of detail to spend time on, but I really enjoyed working on it because it was super satisfying. Which character is your favourite – Cap or Bucky?

And that concludes today’s art post! I hope everyone enjoyed that. I loved putting this post together. Comment below and let me know which picture was your favourite.

I hope you’re all staying well and safe,

-Sarah xx

37 thoughts on “Sketches n’ Such (part ii)

  1. *mind explodes* These are AMAZING, Sarah!! Your artwork is so gorgeous. You know I’m partial to the J&TL drawing, but I love every single one of these – the last ballpoint sketch, the Copic eye, and that amazing one of Gracie especially. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    *cries because beautifulness and epicness*
    My favorites are Cap with Mjolnir, the wolves, the eye (SO PRETTY ❤ <3), and Cap and Buckyyyyyyy!!!!! ❤ ❤ Girl, you talent is simply too much to behold. *dies*
    OOOH. Also! I would looooveee a sheet of those wondermous stickers. ❤ ❤ They're so cute!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. These are absolutely beautiful. I’m astounded how you can make masterpieces out of something like a ball point pen. XD Wonderful job! I think my favorite was the last ball point pen drawing. It kinda looked like Billie Eilish. XD

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Sarah – these are just plain AMAZING. You keep surprising me with all of the different projects you’re working on, and every single one of them turns out SO WELL! The puppy is ADORABLE and so are the sketchbook drawings and your full portraits are plain AMAZING and the stickers are sooo cute! ❤ ❤ ❤
    please give us more of these … i will never stop gobbling them up … and never ever ever stop creating! the world needs your art ❤
    power to the local dreamer ||-//

    Liked by 1 person

    • THANK YOU. Haha, only the ones I *post* are the ones which I think are decent enough – I have my fair share of horrid turn outs all too often XD. But I’m estatic that you enjoyed. And, yus, that I will try to do, sis ❤❤

      Liked by 1 person

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