Lately 28.05.20

In the midst of quarantine, there’s not an awful lot going on. But, I’ve been up to a few things, asides from school, drawing tons, working on my blog’s changes, attempting to run my new Instagram, facetiming friends, watching a lot of movies and trying to overcome writer’s block.

Flicking through my camera roll, there’s a good few photos of things I’ve been up to, mostly photography practice (also, apologies for the bad quality on a lot of these – they were probably taken on a phone). So, I guess, today’s post is somewhat of a photo dump….

Making little lyrical arts for my friends makes me so happy, plus it gives me something fun to do in quarantine. Obviously, this one was for a needtobreathe fan 😊

And who doesn’t love doing a bit of envelope art every now and then?

I did SO much filming last month! I filmed one whole music video, half a music video and helped out a fair bit with a short film. We actually entered the Level of Concern music video contest to win an electric guitar. We didn’t win the guitar, but we got an honourable mention and surprisingly won a prize. Plus, it was just so much fun to work on. The scene being filmed in the picture above took FOREVER to figure out how to shoot. It involved two of us holding a plank high in the air and my brother holding the camera on top of it.

Even though I’ve been staying home a lot, I’ve had quite an opportunity for practising my photography.

I was able to go to work with my brother, who is a landscaper, for a few days. I wasn’t up to much, asides from holding a ladder whilst he cleaned out gutters, plus weeding and sweeping up.

I was still able to take many, many walks, which I used as a chance to attempt to improve my phone photography. Don’t worry, I social distanced though.

I watched the most beautiful sunsets I’ve seen in such a long time. Ah, the golden hours of my life are the best – I just want them to last forever 🖤

And, of course, I’ve been drawing loads, because when will you ever not find me sketching? NeVeR.

Also, this isn’t necessarily a photo, but I sang a cover of Trees by twentyønepiløts and posted it on my YouTube channel, NIGHTWATCH (yes, I changed my name on there too). It would mean the world to me if you could check it out and leave a like – it’s probably my favourite song cover I’ve worked on.

I think that’s all, really. As you can tell, there’s not much going on. But I hope this post was somewhat enjoyable, as you were able to flick through these snapshots of the life I’ve lived lately. Oh, and one more thing just before I go, here’s a playlist of songs I’ve been loving as of late (excluding OneRepublic’s entire discography, because that would take forever to list):

Change ~ NF
Cruel Summer ~ Taylor Swift
Dreams ~ The Cranberries
Dancing After Death (Stripped) ~ Matt Maeson
Neon Gravestones ~ twentyønepiløts 
Running ~ Dua Lipa
A World Alone ~ Lorde
Trust ~ Megadeth
Die A Little ~ YUNGBLUD (this is the ONLY song of his I listen to, I really don't like his other stuff 😂)
The Butterfly Effect ~ Before You Exit
Drown ~ Seafret
Graffiti Dreams ~ Judah & The Lion
Age of Man ~ Greta Van Fleet

And that’s a wrap! What’s been up in your life lately? What have you been doing/watching/listening to these days? Tell me everything in the comments – I love hearing all about your recent happenings, so feel free to ramble as much as you like.

~Sarah xx

24 thoughts on “Lately 28.05.20

  1. Lovely photography! I loved seeing the envelope art as well; it’s gorgeous! That’s so exciting that you got to enter a film contest; congrats on that honorable mention and prize! 😉

    Have a fantastic day! ❤


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  2. This whole post is so wonderful and full of lovely art in every form 🙂 I love those NTB lyrics and filming music videos sounds SO FUN and your photography is gorgeous. Also, I’m finally listening to your Trees cover while typing this, and goodness, your voice is so pretty. You did an amazing job. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much, I’m glad you enjoyed! Yesss, those songs are great – I’ve actually been listening to Lover so much lately. I think Cornelia Street is my very favourite off the album 😊 Thanks for your comment, Diamond!

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  3. Allll the photos are so pretty. 😍 The honorable mention, that’s amazing!! DUDE, I so want to watch the video you did for iitttttttttttt! 🥺
    You did so good on the Trees cover!! Plus I applaud you because I would never be brave enough to post myself singing on the internet. xD

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    • Thank you so much! OOH, okay, it’s not on online, but I’ll see if there’s a way to send it to you. Be warned though – my acting was super cringey…welp.
      Aw, Kenechi gurl, thank you. And honestly, I’m still so, so nervous about the fact I uploaded it, lol.

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  4. gahhh i just love these little catch-ups sarebear ❤ your photography in GORGEOUS and so is your voice and your art and everything … you will never stop surprising me with the creative things you are constantly doing. (also i really love your new pfp!! <3)
    ❤ ❤ ❤ we got through winter together and summer is almost here and while the world is stagnant, that doesn't mean we have to be ❤ ❤ ❤
    power to the local dreamer ||-//

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    • Thank you, Lime!!! That means the world to me ❤❤ (ooh, really?? I’ve been changing it a lot lately because I can find anything that I’m satisfyed with. But, I think I’m settled in with this one XD).
      Aww, that is so true… and worded so beautifully ❤❤❤

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  5. Lovely post 🙂
    Photography is so much fun, although I’m not very good at it. Heh, there’s always room for improvement! I will definitely check out your video 😀

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    • Thank you, Ellie!
      Honestly, ANYone can be good at photography in my opinion, it’s really just experimenting with capturing different moments of nature from different angles and deciding what feels right *yourself*. A photo doesn’t have to get published in a photography magazine or such to make it good 😊
      Aw, I hope you enjoy!


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