It Feels Like Summer

I’ve had a heavy dose of writer’s block as of late. But, throughout the last week, I did manage to write a little something. I guess you could call it something of a creative non-fictional sketch. Even though the world seems to be in quite a terrible state right now, I tried to write about something more on the positive side of things – the arrival of summer. Enjoy!

It feels like summer, you think to yourself, gazing out the sheet of glass called your bedroom window and fixing your eyes upon the sunny backyard. Knowing this fact makes your heart swell up inside of you with exquisite delight. You want to run outside and bask in sunlight, letting your skin taste the burning rays.

It feels like summer, you think again, It feels like summertime. Yes, summertime. The time when everything about the nature which surrounds you springs to life and just feels like magic. The time when it feels like God has performed a miracle across the whole earth, making the very act of living feel phenomenally breathtaking. Yes, you nod, this is summertime.

This is the time when the heat gets so unbearably sweltering that, just yesterday, your mum sent you to the store to buy boxes of ice lollies and bottles of soda, because she needs some kind of cool treat around the house to serve when the heat is killing you. And, by the time you’ve walked home, the back of your shirt seems to have absorbed more sweat than you could ever imagine yourself producing.

This is the time when you don’t want to be indoors anymore. So, you sit outdoors, under the comforting shade of a tall tree’s arms and upon the thin, blunt blades of garden grass. You spend your days away painting and drawing, streaming Spotify for hours.

This is the time when your skin is greeted by that deep red sunburn. Occasionally, you’ll get to laugh at your sibling’s odd burns. Like when your brother fell asleep on the open lawn this morning and woke up with half his face, both eyelids, one arm and the front of his throat burned, yet with a pale, thin line running along his neck where his earbud’s wire had rested, in the midst of the screaming red. Or like when your dad gardened all day yesterday with his baseball cap worn backwards and ended up with a peculiar oval patch of his forehead burnt where the ponytail hole of his hat had been.

This is the time when you can finally wear those jeans you cut into shorts last winter at 2 a.m. one morning and even you admit that’s strange. But now, you can finally don them.

This is the time when you’re so drunk on summertime madness, your brother thinks you’ve cracked as you can’t stop laughing at literally anything. This weather has put you in such a good mood. You’re sitting at the kitchen table, licking at an apple flavoured popsicle, whilst trying out every Instagram filter on your brother’s face. So far, putting together Instagram’s intelligence, he looks like a Brazilian 29 year old, who resembles Baby Groot with a grunge aesthetic and is CEO of being single. You can’t stop laughing because everything Instagram claims is so absurdly incorrect.  

This is the time when you start listening to old hits you used to stream all summer long in past years. But this year, you’re adding new songs to this list of precious melodies – songs like Level of Concern, Better Days, Cruel Summer, a ton of AJR and many others.

This is the time when you go to bed late because it’s still light outside and you lose track of time’s ticking. Like tonight, you stayed outdoors fighting your brother with the heavy plastic practice swords (it was his idea, of course), but he beat you every time. Meanwhile, your sister came along with her little toy bow and arrow and your brother’s catapult, attempting to shoot over a tall, tall tree just across from her. You stayed outdoors way too late until the midges came out and bit your flesh annoyingly.

This is the time when you find yourself grabbing your camera more often because everything about summer seems too holy to miss and that sunset is a lovely shade of golden.

This is the time when you find yourself in the garden, digging violently at weeds and roots which crept into the underneath of your flowerbeds and infested the place just as spring began. Now is the time that they leave, as you attack them with your shovel all afternoon until your dad tells you the sun has turned your skin an angry shade of red and you must come inside and rest.

This is the time when you can’t sleep at night, because the atmosphere is too hot. So, you have to strip your bed of it’s covers, grab a water bottle to stay hydrated and leave the window open all night, so you can eventually find sleep. Like you did last night, when you finally slept with the sound of bats zooming about the night sky outside and by listening to some of needtobreathe’s wonderful music.

This is the time when inspiration finally finds a way to permeate your mind. It showers down on you like gentle rainfall and paints each one of your brain cells colourfully. But there’s so much you’re inspired to do now, from drawing random Pinterest aesthetics and lyrical arts, to painting another of your clothing accessories, to writing your novel, to creating songs, to pretty much everything else. You don’t know where to begin with the amount of inspiration and energy building up inside of you. So, you just sit down and write about the first things which enter your head, just like you’re penning this very piece right now.

This is the time when a new chapter of your life begins. The darkness of winter is in the past, as are the mistakes and regrets which were committed in the springtime, as are the aged strange phases of your lifetime. You’re making new changes and new decisions and this may be what they call “moving on”. It at first feels distasteful, but once the beginning of moving on is over, it begins to transform into the greatest feeling of sweet freedom. Summer feels like moving on and freedom. It feels like writing ‘finis’ on the last chapter of your life and beginning the next. It feels fresh. It feels like pure daylight. It feels like a second chance at everything in your life. It feels glorious, to know that you’ve made it so far. You’re through with winter and spring and now, finally, summer is just on the doorstep of your life.

Finally, you say aloud. You step away from the window, with a nod and smirk of contentment. And then you leave the room.

It feels like summer.

~Sarah xx

24 thoughts on “It Feels Like Summer

  1. This is so beautifully written and relatable! I adore the metaphors. (By the way, I did give Switchfoot a try, and now “This Is Your Life” is on my top 10 for sure.) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much! It makes me so happy to hear that you liked this 🙂 It also makes me so happy to hear that you’ve been listening to Switchfoot! I’ve always loved “This Is Your Life”, I actually wrote one of my first blog posts based around that song. Have you perhaps heard “On Fire” too? It’s off the same album and I think it’s my absolute favourite SF song.

      Anyways, sorry for that ramble lol. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  3. I don’t even have words, Sarah. How did you do this.
    You literally took words and squeezed liquid sunlight and life and memories into them and magically turned them into summer. I don’t know how you did it. This may just be one of my favorite writing pieces of yours – I was transfixed reading it.
    power to the local dreamer ||-//

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw, Jul, the fact that you can *feel* summer in this literally makes me marvel and yet so, so happy. …oh my goodness, your favourite?? That means so super duper much to me. 💛💛💛

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