STAY // a poem

It’s been a year. It’s a whole year today, June 18, since I stayed up till almost 3 a.m. writing one of my favourite wordcrafts ever. It was one of the first poems I’d written since I was probably a 10-year-old. It certainly has its flaws – it’s not perfect, it loses its beat in places. But, although a voice in my head sometimes screams that I should, I won’t dare change it. I don’t dare make a single change to it’s character.

The poem is titled ‘Stay’ (orginally named ‘Please’, though later changed). I don’t write anywhere near as much about mental health and such as much as I did back then, but still, this poem seems crucial to me. It’s as if the moment I wrote it, my life was changed in a way I may forever struggle to explain. I wrote it during a quiet, weightless-seeming moment of my life, and writing it felt like draining everything I wanted to speak but couldn’t find the words to physically say, straight onto a page. It’s the most meaningful piece I’ve ever penned and it feels so special to me.

I was always insecure about letting others read ‘Stay’, or even talking about it, and I’ll never fully understand why I felt that way. Maybe it’s because it feels kind of personal in someways (but not in a bad way, just compared to my other writing). Anyways, the poem’s been posted on Instagram before, but the post has been since deleted. I thought – since I never uploaded it to my blog – now would be the perfect time. I’m not going to pass out any explanations; who this is written about and who/what the sea/light represents is up to you to decide. I think if I let my readers dissect these poetry lines on their own, it can feel more personal for you, yourselves.

Well, Happy 1st Birthday, Stay. Thanks for letting me be your author, I guess. I like to think, sometimes, about where I’ll be in life by the time you’ve grown some more. Like, where will I be by the time you’re 10 years old?? It’s quite a scary thought. Still, I find it desperately intriguing. But, anyways, to my readers, I hope this somehow blesses you with a little light for today. I realize that you’ll never read nor understand these lines the way I do, but in a different way from your own life’s unique perspective. Yet, that’s what I love about sharing my art/words with you. I hope you’ll enjoy this. This is ‘Stay’:

Trying to stand stable,

Yet the world seems to pull you down.

All your attempts to run are feeble,

And it’s here all your dreams drown.

Chase the shadow ahead,

If you would turn you’d see the light,

It could dry the painful tears you shed,

Soak in the light and shine bright.

Your mind’s filled with questions,

That build up and flood within you.

You’re afraid to make a connection,

Fearing what the flood might do.

Please, don’t run from my face.

I want life in those bleeding eyes.

And please don’t keep your thoughts encased,

Covering them up with those lies.

There’s things that I regret,

I don’t want you to be that way.

There’s a door between us, don’t lock it.

If there’s something wrong, just say.

Please, don’t ever let us go now.

Don’t let doubt overcome you.

There’s a glimpse of light I see in your eye,

And every single thing you do.

Never ever let go of my hand

You’re out of that raging water,

You’re standing back on the stable land.

Fear can’t ever win you over.

Turn your head to the light,

Let it dry your tearful eyes,

Soak in the light and shine bright.

Don’t go.



~Sarah xx

22 thoughts on “STAY // a poem

  1. I’m so happy that you’ve decided to share this poem. It’s simply amazing. .beautiful isn’t a strong enough word, neither is powerful or moving … I guess it just speaks for itself. I’m so glad you wrote this and opened the door to poetry … you definitely found something special that night
    power to the local dreamer ||-//

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    • Welp, Jul, I don’t what else to say other than that really meant SO much to me. I just want to give one big hug right now… i guess a virtual one will have to do for now *HUGS* Thank you, Lime ❤❤❤❤

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  2. Wow 🤭
    This was so touching and relatable.. No joke I had shivers!
    This is definitely something heartfelt and passionate and you have such a talent for it

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    • Oh Gracie, I remember how you were the first person to read this poem A WHOLE YEAR AGO. I was so nervous to send it, but you encouraged me so much in my writing and I’m honestly not sure if I’d have the confidence to share any of my work here if it weren’t for you and your support. Thank you SO very much for that. Love you too.


  3. I’m just sitting here trying really really hard to find the right words to do this justice, but there are none None
    I’m just gonna let the pure emotion and beauty that this poem is sink in
    Now I wanna come hug you
    Thank you for this

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